Our favourite sex and relationship COVID-19 memes
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COVID-19 is no laughing matter, but sometimes laughter is the best therapy to get you through tough times. Here are a few of our favourite memes that we’ve spotted in the past few months. Seen one that makes you LOL? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook.

Who needs to snuggle anyhow?

Hands up if you’re in a relationship and have been sleeping like this for the last few months? Nothing like sharing a bed in 2020, right?

Greetings everyone

The best way to say hello right now is to wave at a distance of two metres. And this chart is definitely a humorous reminder of why.

Who’s making all the mess?

Living and working together isn’t easy. Looks like this couple has a great way of dealing with the stress.

Time to delete the ex?

With so much time spent in isolation with nothing but digital communications to rely on…we could definitely relate with this one. Who else does?

Confused about the do’s and don’ts during COVID-19? Here’s all you need to know on dating, safe sex, STI testing and wellbeing.

Could I have an STI?