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Apart from its intended purpose, there are quite a few ways to have fun with condoms. Yes, they do protect you from STIs but condoms are stronger than you think and can stretch pretty far. And, this should dispel the myth that condoms break so easily! 

Banana Drama – This is all about practising your technique (and a little bit about speed). When your friends are around, grab some bananas and see who can put a condom over it the fastest, most importantly without breaking it! On your marks, get set....go!

The Orange Test – yes, condoms are pretty stretchy. But just how stretchy are they? See how many oranges you can fit inside a condom before it breaks. Go on, we dare you...we heard a rumour it's 13!

Full of Hot Air – Want to stretch them further? This is where you get to blow some condoms up like balloons. The biggest one wins!

Water bombs – Check out how strong condoms are… fill one up with water and be amazed at how much it can hold. Then, tie a knot in it and...bombs away! See if your friends can catch it!

You can find more information on condoms and where you can get them right here on this site.

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