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This question could be rephrased as where don’t you get condoms. Why? Because condoms are readily available and there’s really no reason for not having one, two or even three on you.

Nervous about buying condoms?

The first thing is – you’re not alone. Most people are a little nervous about buying condoms, especially if it’s your first time (no, not that first time). You look around the store hoping there are no other customers around; and then there’s the cashier...will they be judgemental...

Just remember that today, people view the purchasing of condoms as pretty normal. And trust us, the cashier sells plenty of condoms every day. It’s nothing new for them.


What kind of condom is best for you?

You might be surprised but this is quite an important question. Condoms come in all different shapes and sizes. Ok, maybe not shapes, but you get the picture. There are so many brands, textures, colours and flavours. Some are also lubricated or non-lubricated, latex or non-latex. So why not try a few different types of condoms so you know what’s best for you? It’s a good idea to get a mixed box and see how you go.

Read up on how to have fun with condoms and see what they are capable of.


Want FREE condoms?

Head to Family Planning NSW or an Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS).

You can also find condoms at:

  • Your local supermarket
  • Chemists or pharmacies
  • Convenience stores
  • Petrol stations
  • Youth health centres
  • Sexual Health Clinics
  • Specialty condom websites


Have you heard of the Condom Credit Card?

The Condom Credit Card project is a friendly, confidential way for young people to get FREE condoms!

Simply go to a Family Planning NSW clinic or a service that displays the CCCard posters and ask for your own CCCard. Then you can receive free condoms every time you present your CCCard at a registered provider. For more info click here.

Download the CCCard App at the App Store and Google Play to find CCCard providers near you.

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