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    To be honest Anal beads its kinda fun but for the partner. lol


    Omg @tea that made me laugh!! Mine is going on two year now, and I hadn’t really thought about what a trooper it is…I’m proud of it now!


    hahaha @tea you crack me up!


    @dtapclinic agreed! I saw that there are vibrating anal beads now!


    @aunt_flo that is just gorgeous. I am interested if it works as great as it looks?

    I bought this one mid last week and loving the narrow tip and the vibrations are nice and deep humming which is pretty good.


    I think there is still a lot of stigma surrounding sex toys, well from what i can gather from reading articles online and the lack of presence in social media, but i can understand society wanting to protect the vulnerable from seeing anything sex related until they are old enough. Which is fair enough…but for adults though OH the sex toy market is HUUUGEE!! So many to choose from!

    I think my favourite at the moment would have to be This one it’s one of the prettier looking ones I’ve seen for sale 🙂

    But there are lots of nice looking sex toys out there!


    @dtapclinic @stephaniaaaah ooh I’ve always wanted to try out a plug or something to be honest! Interesting about the vibrating beads!

    I love toys which have a nice vibration setting! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ve been looking for something I haven’t tried out before. 15 functions are amazing!!!

    Totally agree with the stigma surrounding sex toys (which is why I really enjoy forums like these where you can chat so easily!) And yeah, there’s so many!!! It makes it really hard to choose with such an enormous range but then I also love having so many options available to me!


    My favourite sex toys are tampons and ben wa balls.

    Tampon orgasms


    How do I know if the web page is trustworthy ? I am looking to boy my first sex toy and been looking at but can I just order and will the package show up in discretion ?
    What should I look for in a first toy?
    Thanks all


    Hi @trine! If you are worried about discreet packaging and it is unclear on their website, I would recommend just sending a quick email to the company and asking them what their packaging looks like. I’m sure that they would get that question all the time!

    For first toy recommendations it all just comes down to personal preference. There are loads of different toys out there to chose from that all have different purposes and features. It all just comes down to figuring out what you like and what feels good for you and sex toys are great for helping you figure that out 🙂


    Thanks – Email sent. 🙂


    Awesome! @trine Let us know what toy you end up picking and what you think of it 🙂


    @tea I’d definitely recommend a plug, they can be really fun! They’re definitely my favourite


    My favourite is the lipstick bullet by Nocturnal. I just bought it the other week and honestly it is the best thing ever. I cant believe I have been so scared to try one all these years. I also love that they don’t look like a penis or anything so I can just have it in my bedside drawer and the kids have no idea. I picked the raspberry colour one from here:
    To keep it clean I put it under warm water and wash with just ordinary soap.

    bed buddies

    I actually own and run an online adult products store, so would be keen to get your feedback on the range of sex toys I have available.
    The store is

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 33 total)
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