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Everything you need to know about sex and COVID-19

Sex & Solosex

What exactly is physical distancing anyway?


Did you know you can get a COVID-19 test for free?


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Sex & Solosex

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5 condom myths debunked

Did you know that condoms are the only form of contraception that protects against both STIs and pregnancy? But for some reason, not everyone wants to use one when they’re having sex. Here, we debunk some of the common myths around condoms. Condoms don’t fit Condoms actually come in plenty […]

How to ask your partner to wear a condom

Even though condoms are literally the only way to protect yourself from STIs and pregnancy during sex, for some reason some people still want to avoid using them. From ‘it doesn’t feel as good’ to ‘I won’t finish inside you’ the excuses are real. We caught up with our Mod […]


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