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  • If you are worried about the onset of a UTI, I would recommend downing a sachet (or 2) of Ural Effervescent Powder – you can find this at any chemist and is a good idea to keep it on hand if you are prone to UTIs. Always following the directions on the pack.

    It tastes bleh, but it does help fight off a UTI developing if you are in the early…[Read more]

  • alt_j started the topic Open Relationships in the forum Sex & Relationships 6 months ago

    Hello forum fam,

    I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with open relationships??

    How do you go about establishing one?
    How do you make sure everyone stays safe and happy?
    What is some of the best advice you can give for someone looking to start and maintain an open relationship??

    Appreciate any insights you may have!

  • Hi @mak_trouble891

    There are heaps of ops and brand making menstrual cups these days.

    Some of the most popular in the Aus market are:


  • Hi @electricmemes,

    This is a really big step in anyones life and sexual anxiety is perfectly natural and normal, especially when it is your first time.

    It is great that you have been talking openly with your gf about this, as this is the first step in easing dissonance and setting expectations. While everyone and every experience is different,…[Read more]

  • Hey fam,

    FYI – Family Planning has updated their free condom program to the Freedom Condom project 🙂

    Making it easy for younger people to get access to free condoms – Simply head to a clinic or service that displays the Freedom Condom posters and ask for your own Freedom Condom card.

  • Hey @curiousgal

    This is a super important topic! The only consent education i ever received in school was super basic (No means No) and didn’t cover anything in the grey area, like “it is ok to change your mind at any point”.

    From the looks of things this discussion still has not advanced very far over the past decade, as Consent Curriculum,…[Read more]

  • Hi @electricmemes ,

    Hope you are well. From your post, you sound like a considerate and thoughtful person, and at 23, already understand the importance of connection beyond just the act itself. This is really important and sets you in good stead for a successful intimate relationship. It is an old cliche, but a goody – Communication is the key.…[Read more]