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  • My first time was pretty good. No pain, as I had already torn my hymen (which was pretty painful at the time – a whole heap of stinging).

    We also had to stop mid foreplay to put my laptop on and google how to use a condom! Simple as it might seem, we kept rolling it on inside out and were really confused.

    We got it eventually.

    We left on…[Read more]

  • Woohooo @tea!

    My first experience was pretty much a non-experience. I tried and tried and tried and the stupid tampon wouldn’t go in.

    Obviously, at the time I thought I was broken, but it turns out my hymen was still in tact. Once that tore, I had no problem with them.

    I don’t use them any longer though – I find that they’re too drying and i…[Read more]

  • It might also be because it’s in mainstream porn a lot more now.

    I remember the same thing happened with anal. Like it was once very taboo, secretive etc. and then it became more and more common in both porn, and in real life.

    It could also be because it’s ‘in’ right now? As odd as that sounds.

  • Nope, I definitely think it’s not.

    I tend to hide them from sexual partners, though. Not because I’m ashamed, but because i’ve gotten a mixed reception before – I definitely think they’ve felt threatened as well @purple!

    Same deal with porn, or masturbating while thinking of someone else – it’s not cheating in my book, but nor is it always the…[Read more]

  • I completely agree @tea that we could definitely use Valentine’s Day as a way to express platonic or family love. I don’t think it has to always be romantic.

    I’m personally not really one for anti-Valentine’s Day things. There’s nothing wrong with people celebrating love for the day, plus if you’re celebrating anti-Valentines’s you’re still…[Read more]

  • Pretty much echoing what’s already been said – meal prepping at home and not drinking is a good way to save. You could also change how you catch up with friends, e.g. if you find yourself catching up for meals out, organise a picnic or meal at home if you can.

    Another thing that helps me save is to have a rough idea of how much I want to save in…[Read more]

  • Exactly why I asked @tea! With it being over 40°c outside I started to wonder.

  • Aunt_Flo replied to the topic Festival Wishlist in the forum Hanging Out 1 month ago

    I went to Sydney City Limits and Good Things last year. Both were great! It doesn’t look like City Limits is running this year, but Good Things might. It’s really good if you’re into emo/rock music and you’re more interested in spending a day than camping overnight (it’s a one day festival).

    Byron Bay Blues Fest is meant to be great, but I’ve never been.

  • Hi Nurse Nettie.

    I know that extreme temperature can affect the pill, but i’m not too sure on the specifics.

    How long does it take for the pill to be affected by high and low temperatures? Are there any signs that would indicate whether a pill packet has been damaged by heat, e.g. if it was left in a hot room all day? How can someone safely…[Read more]

  • Aunt_Flo replied to the topic Menstural cups in the forum Sexual Health 1 month ago

    @tea I also use the smaller sized Diva cup and I love it. I just had to trim down the tip because it was too long and was poking me. I found mine at a chemist.

    I’ve also seen the Lunette cup at health stores and chemists, but haven’t tried that one. Aside from subtle differences in design, I’m not sure if there’s a lot of differences between cups.

  • That’s true @tea there’s a lot of more…functional books on sexuality and sex? Instead of books that actually explore sex and what it means in depth.

    That’s quite a list @sextronaut! I’ve also got the Second Sex on my book shelf, and I’ve always been interested to read Kinsey, but I’m not sure if it would come across as very dated now.

  • @tea my GP bulk bills so STI testing is always free for me. I think most bulk-billing medical centres would offer free testing. It’s pretty accessible, which is great!

  • Ah @stephaniaaaah are you going too!?

    I leave on Feb 9. I can’t believe it’s already getting close!

    Being kinder to yourself is a great resolution or way of moving forward. 🙂

  • Aunt_Flo replied to the topic Bullet Journals in the forum Hanging Out 1 month, 1 week ago

    WOW! That’s quite some set up Tea – it looks fabulous!

    I gave up on doing a proper set up or yearly journals last year – I find that I’m a bit all over the place, so my journal is sort of a word and creative vomit of things!

    I still journal every other day and am about to start my third one in almost two years. I still like to add a pop of…[Read more]

  • I don’t think I ask partners to wear them per se – I guess I don’t really leave the room to say no?

    When I can, I bring condoms with me, and basically say “I’ve got them if you don’t.”

    I don’t think I’d like to ‘ask’ to be honest, because (in situations when I’m prepared) it wouldn’t be a question, more of an ultimatum – please wear one otherwi…[Read more]

  • I knew that using condoms for shared sex toys, but I had always assumed that was for STIs.

    I had no idea that BV could be transmitted that way! I’ve heard of BV before, but only in passing. Thanks for the info @tea!

  • @GoldenRose I’ve had blood and urine samples taken when I’ve had an STI test. But, I’ve never had a throat swab. Is this part of routine testing @nurse_nettie?

    @tea writing down questions is a great idea! I know I forgot to ask a few the first time I was tested because I was too nervous to remember.

    @aphrodite9 hooray for regular testing! 🙂 I’…[Read more]

  • Getting tested for an STI is a pretty quick, simple and painless process – but that doesn’t mean people don’t get nervous before getting tested!

    If you’ve been tested before, what tips would you give to someone who has never been tested? If you’ve never been tested, what would you like to know?

  • Happy New Year @tea!

    I don’t really have yearly goals, I regularly update shorter terms goals throughout the year. I find that it keeps me a bit more accountable and I get the satisfaction of actually completing something.

    I usually jot them down in my journal, checklist style, to help me stay on track.

    Right now, my goals are:
    – Going to b…[Read more]

  • Anyone know of any goods one? I’ve got a great one on my bookshelf called ‘Sex and the Citadel’, which looks at the (often not talked about) sexual lives of men and women in Egypt.

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