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  • Hi @tea
    interesting question 🙂 fortunatley my surgury isnt sexual health related so i dont think id have to wait. just a guess though going off Nurse Netties last post where she said surgury with periods is pretty common

  • thank you @ekoorb9 much appreciated. im pretty scared and have lots of questions but this one was the only one that i forgot to really ask about

    Thank you @Nurse_Nettie for responding
    Can i ask even if i dont need a catheter why its still important to let my nurse know? i will for sure despite my embarrassment but was just curious to know.

  • Thank you GoldenRose i have a womens health nurse at my gp practice whom usually does my pap smears however since im getting abnormal results-this is the 3rd time now, theyve had to refer me onto the gynaecologist for further investigations. My gp is also not to sure about pcos or endometriosis or if it could be something else as i have all the…[Read more]

  • Hi

    I’m due to have surgery under general anaesthetic later in the year and I’m worried about the what ifs. I have quite heavy periods (and messy!) and very irregular at that so it’s hard to predict when my period might come. I also get rather bad cramps as well. I’ll be wearing a pad on the day as a just in case if I don’t but what if I do? do…[Read more]

  • Sorry i have another question..
    Does anyone get flank/kidney pain during the time of their period?
    Ive had a kidney infection before and thats the only way i can describe how much pain there is in that area every time i have my period. sometimes its not to bad but if i skip 2 or more months (which is the norm for me) its basically incapacitates…[Read more]

  • Hi, im wondering what happens at a first appointment with a gynaecologist? i have had 2 abnormal pap smears and theyve refferred me to one but havent explained anything to me

    can anyone share your experience on what might happen esp with the procedures if theres any involved…

    they are also checking for pcos, endometriosis and any other things…[Read more]


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