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  • More and more couples I know have been meeting on Tinder!

    I think Tinder can be a great way to meet people (my ex partner and i met on tinder).
    I especially love that you get to message them first for a while before meeting.
    I do also know some couples who when asked how they meet often don’t disclose they met on tinder. A friend told me she…[Read more]

  • I always find valentines day so cheesy and awkward haha!
    When i’m single i sort of feel lonely or left out seeing all the other couples all loved up and when I’ve been in a relationship i feel silly and pressured to celebrate my relationship and be extra lovely on this day which seems artificial and forced.

    My plans will be to go to a live gig…[Read more]

  • curiousss replied to the topic Am I normal? in the forum Nurse Nettie 12 months ago

    I thought i was one of the only ones with little bumps on my nipples! Thanks for clearing this up guys! @foxylady @tea @nurse_nettie @kerrshay!!

  • curiousss replied to the topic Festival Wishlist in the forum Hanging Out 1 year ago

    Thanks everyone i’ll have to keep a look our for Down to Test – i love that the idea of doing a quick and easy STI test in the comfort of a festival rather then clinic with your friends around and then you get to use nice toliets and charge your phone yaaaasssss

  • curiousss started the topic Festival Wishlist in the forum Hanging Out 1 year ago

    I realised i didn’t go to any music festivals last year!

    Anyone know any good music festivals in Aus i should check out this year (preferably in NSW).

    So far I want to go to Laneway and Splendour in the Grass!

    Know any other good ones? Whats your favourite festival?

  • Woo! How exciting!
    If you are living with housemates my number one tip is to try move in with people who are like minded as you! and always try to be up front and communicate with your housemates in any issues if they occur (passive aggressive isn’t never fun)
    My last tip is a bit random but if you are moving in with housemates and are setting up…[Read more]

  • Sounds cool! Thanks for the tip i’ll check it out! Is it Australian? or overseas?

  • Recently I’ve started to explore my sexuality and sleep with other women. After a super fun night of sex with a new female friend my vagina started to feel strange and sort of sore and there was some usual smelly discharge. I’d had thrush before but this sort of seemed different.

    I would say i’m pretty active in my sexual health but I’m only new…[Read more]

  • Woo Resolutions!
    Some of the ones i jotted in my notes on my phone that I decided i want to achieve this year are:
    – Look after my body more
    – Less shopping and more saving
    – get up earlier
    – meet new people

  • My best tip is to go with a friend or partner! Whenever someone tells me they’re nervous about going for STI check I always offer to go with them and i probably may as well get a check while i’m there too. I find it a much more comfortable experience when I’m with someone. Plus then you can go treat yourself by doing someone fun together afterwards!

  • everybody here wants you – Jeff Buckley
    blood orange and frank ocean are also great additions too

  • everybody here wants you – Jeff Buckley
    blood orange and frank ocean are also great additions too

  • curiousss replied to the topic FREE CONDOMS???? in the forum Sexual Health 1 year, 1 month ago

    I really think access free condoms is so important especially for young people. I remember when buying condoms in high school and being soooo embarrassed, I would only buy them if there was self check out and if I had enough money to spare. (same with tampons!).
    I think its so important to make access to safer sex supplies as easy as possible. My…[Read more]

  • Yes I’m sure there are many parents out there who find it awkward to talk to their children about sex!!! not everyone is comfortable talking about it let alone to thier kids.
    For me, my parents never kept anything about sex a secret from me so i was slowly taught about sex in a fairly positive and non-shameful way over time, despite never sitting…[Read more]

  • I was never given “the talk”!
    I’ve heard so much about it but my parents never sat me down and gave me all the explicit details about sex.
    I’m interested was anyone else given “the talk” by their parents or anyone else? what was it like??
    And if not, like me, where did you find your sex information?

  • Sex ed at my all girls high school seriously sucked!
    I barely remember anything it was so average.
    Highlights were a lesson where we were shown a HORROR slide show of different pictures of genitalia infected with untreated STIs (WTF AHHHH). Scare tactics much. And now i think of it the point of traumatising us like this wasn’t around getting…[Read more]