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  • @stephaniaaaah I am hearing you so hard on all of this. I know I would have and HAVE reacted exactly the same way when someone very close to me, and especially an intimate partner has made comments like this. You are not alone. I cannot imagine how anyone ever thinks it’s okay to make a comment like that, but I suppose we are all human and we all…[Read more]

  • This is fascinating!! There is something so bizarre how something is seen as private individually, but somehow on mass it becomes data and therefore publicly available. It’s like when sexual behaviour is on a grand scale it is suddenly anonymous and then we can talk about it??

  • I wanted to start this chain to plug the awesome experience I had at Acon yesterday, but also to create a place for others talk about where they’ve had good experiences. Playsafe has such great resources, and when I went to look one up I was definitely overwhelmed by my options, so this may be helpful for others.
    Through our testing link above, I…[Read more]

  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience @tea. I can hear your deep resounding questions in everything you wrote, and I just want to pop on to offer you a big virtual hug of support and recognition.
    I have never experiencing body dysmorphia in regard to gender, but certainly with sexuality in terms of not fitting into the mold of how my…[Read more]

  • Thank you for all your responses! It can definitely be a time of fruitful leisure and an opportunity to try new things, but if I’m honest, that’s probably only 10% of the time for me…the rest is spent in some kind of worry. Go you @sextronaut !! Well done for taking a risk. I too, am someone who thrives in routine, so I am with you 100%. I LOVE…[Read more]

  • @stephaniaaaah I can definitely relate. Strangely enough however I feel more afraid of heartbreak now than I was before I got my heart broken…I guess it is easy to be fearless the less we know. I am trying SO HARD to stay vulnerable and not let the fear stop me giving it a go.

  • I think that job hunting may be one of my least favourite things ever. Especially when you’ve taken the leap and quit your original job in the hopes of freeing up your time and energy…I am semi-regretting this.
    What are some tips for how to deal with this period of waiting and wondering and panicking? How do you keep yourselves busy?

  • Thank you so much for your insight @stephaniaaaah. You have verbalised many of the thoughts I have been having. Especially in thinking about whether the individual has been grieving the relationship prior to it ending, or if it is a fresh wound. In this case, it’s a funny mix, because this person is really amicable and friendly with their ex, but…[Read more]

  • I can’t believe you used to go to Alfalfa house @stephaniaaaah !!! That is the dream for me, however slightly too far away by foot… I love that it is run almost entirely by volunteers who then get a discount!? This is the way of the future! I have signed up for Divvy Box, which I will be trying next week and feeling quite excited about.

    That…[Read more]

  • Agree with all of the above and the importance of switching off as self care.

    I attended a rally in Sydney also and was overwhelmed by the immense comfort I felt at being surrounded by people who were also angry and frustrated and frightened. I think that when we remain isolated and just keep consuming media, we are likely to become far more…[Read more]

  • Please forgive the confusing title- my question is this: if you start seeing someone who you are quite interested in but they are clearly still recovering from their break up only six weeks earlier, is it foolish to get invested? Even if they say there are ready, they just want to take it super slow and casually, is it likely the first post-break…[Read more]

  • I love all these ideas! I am also trying to not be too hard on myself in regard to resolutions as 2020 has not felt like the fresh start I was hoping for and I don’t want to add pressure- However! I really want to join a food co op this year in a way that is local and affordable and flexible. I want to focus on community living a little more…[Read more]

  • @tea @aunt_flo this same thing has happened to me! I am glad you were able to orgasm @tea!
    When I have that super sensitive sensation it is usually a signal to me that I need to stop for a bit. Usually after stopping and allowing the sensitivity to decrease I try again and it’s all good!

  • @tea @aunt_flo this same thing has happened to me! I am glad you were able to orgasm @tea!
    When I have that super sensitive sensation it is usually a signal to me that I need to stop for a bit. Usually after stopping and allowing the sensitivity to decrease I try again and it’s all good!

  • @tea this is such an interesting question and I have nothing to offer but solidarity for the concern. When I had PV sex for the first time I was in the US and they have their condoms in the supermarket under LOCK AND KEY!! Treating sexual health care like a contraband product was very disturbing and I could not understand the thinking behind it. I…[Read more]

  • @sextronaut IT’S CALLED AUDIOPORN?? This has made my week!!

    I am also so with you on wanting to turn the stimulus off once arousal has dissipated, and am totally FASCINATED that you have wanted to keep watching. I’m a little interested now…

  • Interesting that you say that @goldenrose, a friend of mine this week suggested that there tend to me less ‘serious candidates’ on the apps, because they really have lost popularity!
    So what’s next? Where is everybody?

  • A weird thing has been happening lately… I have been getting far less matches on Tinder!! And I don’t think I have done anything differently. I’ve also noticed that even when you do match, people hardly ever begin a conversation anymore.
    Has anyone else had this experience?
    Are we all tired and over it? I know I am!
    Do you think the apps are on…[Read more]

  • EarthMama replied to the topic Running! in the forum Hanging Out 5 months, 1 week ago

    Ahhh @stephaniaaah thank you for all these great tips and sorry for my late late late reply!
    I am so with you on the high-waisted leggings! I am sorry about your plover experience… I too learned the hard way when it came to pants falling down.
    I was going well for about a month and then I got sick, so I just had my first day again today and…[Read more]

  • This conversation is so refreshing!! It’s very exciting to hear ethical porn discussed as something that everyone can enjoy, and not just the typical male gaze, exploitative phenomenon…
    @tea I definitely understand what you’re saying, but it still somehow works on me! I have not watched a lot of porn, so I often feel like my body reacts…[Read more]

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