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  • OMG I LOVE Sex Education – probably in my top 5 favourite shows!

    I don’t think I can pin point a particular episode or season for you @yogigirl

    It is so well done and covers so many important conversations + the characters are so relatable and likeable.

    One of those shows that when it’s over, you miss it! I’m keen for any other shows (fun &…[Read more]

  • That makes total sense @tea

    Anyone else noticing the energy vampires out there?

    I think that is a lesson a lot of us are learning @yogigirl – not coming up with excuses to justify why we are saying no to over-filling our social calendar and ending up exhausted. Being honest about that important ‘me time’!

    Have you picked up or rediscovered a…[Read more]

  • This is such a great thread. Communication during sex – heck yes!

    @mssunshine that is a great question “does that feel good for you?” but also throwing it out there “that feels good for me!”

    Calling on those 5 Love Languages here too… thinking about if ‘Words of Affirmation’ is your sexual partners love language I guess throwing out a…[Read more]

  • Oh I totally get that! I am using the term ‘social discomfort’, especially around small talk and the questions that will come at me after some big life changes over lockdown. Something that helps me is having some pre-rehearsed one-liners I can use when I am put on the spot. Helps stop the word vomit and regretful over sharing. Would be keen to…[Read more]

  • @mssunshine I like the idea of finding likeminded survivors, collecting resources & setting up at a woolies @happybambi Snacks for everyone!!

    Can’t help my mind going straight to that Sandra Bullock movie Bird Box. Not zombies, but you get the survival vibe!

    And TOTALLY agree – Summer & Winter for different reasons, right?!