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  • I never really got into dating shows like ‘The Bachelor’ or ‘Love Island’ and was almost against them as they are obviously heavily scripted and staged. But recently I have gotten really into them with the help of my housemates and have been following the most recent one ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ on TV.

    One thing that does really stand out to me…[Read more]

  • This unfortunately happens so much! It honestly kind of puts me off a bit when I have to practically beg for them to put one on.

    I’ll link a similar thread below but there was some really great points raised in it which have really stuck with me. Basically just try and not leave room for the other person to say no to wearing a condom, for…[Read more]

  • So the truck driver (usually someone working for the farmer or farming corporation but sometimes it is the farmer themselves if they have a smaller farm) will come to the ‘sample stand’ where we will take a small sample from their truck using probes that vacuum it out. We then run it through a machine that tells you the protein and moisture, (high…[Read more]

  • If I don’t pee after sex I almost always get one or if I go a long time without going to the bathroom I get similar, more mild symptoms. I know what you mean about not wanting to get up straight after but I would rather that than to be in pain later.

    I’m sure your sexual partner will be understanding as it is a totally normal thing. If they seem…[Read more]

  • I’m in the same boat as you @piperr42! I used to use dating apps a few years back and kind of got over them but now I am really considering getting back on them with everything that has been going on.

    Would also love some advice and recommendations 🙂

  • Hey @patchelor! Thanks so much for being so open. I love your positive attitude and outlook on sex and intimacy! You are right, being a virgin is nothing to be ashamed of no matter what your age is.

    I do think it is a good idea to still get tested as even though the risk for contracting STIs through oral sex is lower than through penetrative,…[Read more]

  • To be honest, at the moment I am actually looking forward to going back out and meeting new people (my mood around this kinda changes day to day though lol).

    I recently caught up with some old friends and I think we are all drifting and going in different directions in life so I think I am excited to meet some new people and hopefully start up…[Read more]

  • Well said @earthmama! I often find my self feeling down after going on social media and seeing everyone else out having fun with different people all the time. I think it’s important to remember that people only show what they want to on social media and to try and not compare ourselves to that.

    Recently I’m finding that a lot of my old friends…[Read more]

  • I’ve worked at the Silos out west grading wheat, barley and canola during the summer harvest season while I was at uni and it was actually a lot of fun! I stayed with my mate who’s family is from there who I met at uni so I got to meet heaps of new people.

  • Oh that’s so good to hear that you are having a positive experience @SpookyFries! I think it’s important to talk about how penetration is not essential for you and your partner to feel connected and to have sex.

    Personally, I can’t reach orgasm through penetration alone so stimulation through oral and use of hands is important for me 🙂

  • I love this post so much!

    I really resonate with what you are saying @stephaniaaaah and @aunt_flo, especially where you said: “I’m actually a bit afraid of being confident in my sexuality, because of the nagging feeling in the back of my head that asks if I don’t actually like girls, because I’ve never dated a woman.”

    I feel like it is clear…[Read more]

  • Oh that is such a good analogy @aunt_flo!

    Thanks so much for sharing @stephaniaaaah I completely understand where you are coming from and can definitely relate (I’ll jump on the other post and elaborate from my previous reply in that thread :))

    I’m sure it would have been hard to come to that realisation as I feel like there is a lot of…[Read more]

  • That’s so interesting that you say that @earthmama! I was talking to one of my girl friends the other day and she was telling me about this guy and how they hooked-up but before they did he asked if they could before doing anything and she thought it was quite odd to explicitly ask as it is not often done.

  • GoldenRose replied to the topic Books in Iso in the forum Hanging Out 3 years, 6 months ago

    Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve been really wanting to get back into reading and right now is the perfect time.

    Honestly, the only two books I own at the moment is Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis (the leader singer from Red Hot Chilli Peppers) and a book about the mind-gut connection. I would recommend Scar Tissue if you love a good…[Read more]

  • Tomorrow (24th of May) is Pansexual and Pan romantic Awareness and Visibility Day!

    To be honest I didn’t really know what pansexual was until recently. I’d heard of it before but never knew the meaning and when I looked into it more I was a little confused as it is quite similar to bisexuality which I think is a common misconception for people.…[Read more]

  • I feel the same @earthmama! There is a really nice walking/cycling track along my local beach that has a nice little kiosk that has just opened up again and the last few times I’ve gone for a walk it has just been so busy that it was quite overwhelming! I thought to myself though ‘I’m sure it used to be this busy and I was fine with it but now why…[Read more]

  • Yes! I binged watched Normal People and was so happy when I saw this display of consent! I was also happy to see that the main female character asked if he had a condom before they started. I feel like it makes it more realistic and adds a level of intimacy between the characters.

  • I was listening to Triple J (Australian radio station) last night as they had a sexual health expert on talking about casual sex during this time. He basically said it’s definitely not a good idea right now even with some of the restrictions easing.

    I haven’t used any dating apps like Tinder or Bumble for over a year now as I kind of got over…[Read more]

  • With people spending more time at home at the moment and with more free time on their hands website like ‘Porn Hub’ are offering free premium subscriptions. But mainstream porn websites are potentially problematic as they can display physical aggression.

    Australia’s Porn Problem (article in SMH online) (TW- Sexual Assault)

    This article…[Read more]

  • Yes I am also experiencing a disturbed sleep schedule! I’m finding it hard to get to sleep of a night time and find that I am sleeping in later as I am not working at the moment so I don’t need to be up by a certain time.

    I’m also with you with often getting bogged down in the negative.
    I’m grateful that:
    -I am living in a positive environment…[Read more]

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