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  • Purple started the topic Pap Smears! in the forum Nurse Nettie 4 years ago

    I have a question about pap smears/CSTs. I have a lot of friends who have recently turned 25 who have yet to have a pap smear because apparently you don’t have to do it until you’re 25? I’m also 25, I had one at 20 and then recently another at 24. Could I also have waited until I was 25 to have one? I’m really, really confused! I feel like waiting…[Read more]

  • Purple started the topic Condoms Breaking in the forum Sexual Health 4 years ago

    Hi all, I’m just wondering if anyone knows why a condom might break during (heterosexual) sex. Providing that it isn’t past its expiry date and there is sufficient lubrication, is it safe to say that if a condom breaks it’s because it hasn’t been applied correctly? I’ve heard that condoms are 97% effective however I seem to be finding that every…[Read more]

  • Hi Saisha, good on you for practicing safe sex. Skyn condoms is a great brand. Another one that is reputable and great is Lifestyle condoms, but I think they’re only available in Australia. If you do decide to have unprotected sex with your partner in the future remember to get tested, and that there are other contraceptive options such as the…[Read more]

  • I think it’s okay too. I would probably consider posting something online if I was super anxious about it and the doctor I go to wasn’t available for a few days (which she normally isn’t). But if I could get an appointment ASAP I wouldn’t. If it was over the weekend my symptoms came up I would probably find myself googling for sure. But I…[Read more]

  • Glad that you were able to communicate and talk that out with your partner @tea. I can never orgasm when I’m stressed either! It’s crazy how stress plays into that. Or changing medications too!

  • I totally agree that apps are on the way out! I haven’t used them for AGES. I’ve met a few people through friends recently. People don’t seem to approach each other in bars anymore either! I really wish I had the confidence to approach people in person, cause there’s so many cuties around.

  • Interesting! I totally love @tea‘s suggestion. Just something like that, nice and casual would be good. I’ve been approached a couple of times in person and it kind of through me off cause I was in my own little world staring out into space and not expecting anyone to talk to me. I think it’s totally fine when you’re at a bar, sometimes when…[Read more]

  • Ugh @sextronaut I feel you, I always want to be on time and get so frustrated when people take forever to leave! Some of my friends didn’t get to Mardi Gras till like 8 pm which is so crazy to me. I was sick at home unfortunately (am much better now)! I love Unicorns @tea! Always so fun and the costumes are amazing.

  • What are people’s experiences with anti depressants and sexy times? I recently started taking them for anxiety and whilst they’re definitely helping (and obviously mental health is the biggest priority) I’ve noticed they’ve completely killed my libido. At the moment it’s fine as I’m single but wow, it’s such a weird feeling to not want to use any…[Read more]

  • Purple replied to the topic Dry Spell in the forum Sex & Relationships 4 years, 11 months ago

    Not so much explore myself in a sexual sense (been a bit stressed lately so haven’t really felt in that kind of mood) but more what @GoldenRose said, I really relate to that. In the past I might have had sex because I felt the societal pressure or to ‘get over’ a dry spell and get back into it for no actual good reason. It just feels nice to not…[Read more]

  • Purple replied to the topic Dry Spell in the forum Sex & Relationships 4 years, 11 months ago

    Celibate was definitely not the word I was looking for hahahaha, I think I meant abstinent!

  • This is the longest I’ve gone without being intimate with anyone (by choice) and I have to say I don’t even mind. It’s actually given me a lot to think about – that previously if I hadn’t been with someone in a while I might have felt that I should go back to an ex or hook up with someone because that was what I was ‘supposed to do’, that I would…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the article, wow this article was really shocking to me. These websites seem to really tap into the insecurities of people with labias/clitorises. “The truth is that relationships, exercise, even dressing can be negatively impacted by a large inner or outer labia” – not sure how any of those could possibly be impacted but okay! I…[Read more]

  • My guess is that it’s a combination of showing that they’re into “taboo” or “different stuff” as @curiousss says, that they’re “generous” or a “giver” in the bedroom, as a way to introduce sex into the conversation, or an opportunity to talk about more kinky stuff. I actually kind of like it when people mention sex on their profile or discuss sex…[Read more]

  • Hi @tea congratulations on doing something that was scary! Sounds like it was a stressful experience but you got it done! I know so many people don’t enjoy the idea of tampons and completely understand the fear. I think I was about 16 when I first used one (that’s when I first got my period – quite late haha) and I don’t wear pads anymore except…[Read more]

  • Purple replied to the topic Moving out for the first time in the forum Hanging Out 5 years ago

    @EarthMama that is so, so cute! It sounds like most people feel that it’s scary but worth it! I’m definitely feeling at the end of the year I’ll move out even if it’s just for one year for some independence. I’m realising this now because for a few weeks in December I was hooking up with someone who also lived at home (normally I find myself…[Read more]

  • Purple replied to the topic Define 'Casual' in the forum Sex & Relationships 5 years ago

    Agreed with @tea, just as long as one keep your options open if this person doesn’t want more than something casual (that can be hard the longer it goes), they’re treating you with respect and the boundaries are firm there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Purple replied to the topic Define 'Casual' in the forum Sex & Relationships 5 years ago

    No worries @EarthMama! I guess you can always date other people and maybe find someone more suited if you’re not exclusive with this person!

  • Nope – because there’s no way a person can be compared in any way to a toy. I did have plenty of partners that were jealous and threatened by the toys I had/have though!

  • Hi @curiouss I’m with @ekoorb9, I meet people probably 50/50 Tinder and real life. Everyone I know who is single uses it and I feel like it’s not stigmatised at all anymore amongst my friends and I, even my parents make jokes about it these days. However I understand why it would be frowned upon in a more conservative family who perhaps don’t…[Read more]

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