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  • Foreplay is absolutely essential to the experience. That’s why my sex life with my wife is non existent but foolishly maybe but that’s why I can’t help but go back to my ex wife. Sexually it’s incredible. Intimacy, foreplay, scenario , oral , spanking , climaxing. You pleasure a woman like that she will never ever cheat on you !!

  • Yes!! I no longer am atttacted to your typical model type. Now I like curvy figures, big bums, looks don’t matter. I also like confident, outgoing , I Mean I literally have no interest in physical appearance. I need to connect on a deeper level. Also my wife is Muslim and my ex wife is black and I’ve never dated a white woman even though I’m…[Read more]

  • Right so hopefully nobody will judge. Today I’ve had sex 23 times. Now my wife only wants it a couple so it’s a big problem. My main problem is that whenever my ex wife wants sex , she knows I can’t resist her. I mean I literally have never met anybody so on my level sexually. Also she’s a stripper and an escort so could it be a trip to the doc…[Read more]

  • Yea but it’s difficult. I mean I love roleplay and nobody can do it like my ex. So we always drift back to each other. It’s not healthy but the sex is amazing , I’ll be honest I’m a guy who likes to sleep with multiple women so I’m best staying single


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