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  • I mean…. I liked it… But what annoys me was the pandering to the weird UK/US cross over. Having the kids in a UK school wearing no uniform, and the way they spoke was not how UK kids would.

    There is a really good episode when a character has an abortion, and a really nice moment between the patients going through something together.

    I would…[Read more]

  • Hey All!

    1. Favourite new song is Flicker; Porter Robinson! So obsessed, it’s got a big repeat cycle lately.
    2. Winter! More clothes! More Layers. I mean, I love the beach, but Winter is the winner.
    3. I LITERALLY think about this all the time; Keep close to the water/ocean, drinking water, canned goods and antibiotics. Raid the hospitals! I…[Read more]


Could I have an STI?