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If you find yourself caught without a condom what do you do?

Run out to the nearest servo trying to get one
43% (251 votes)
That'd never happen to me, I’m way too prepared
20% (116 votes)
Have sex anyway and worry about it later
19% (113 votes)
Don’t have sex and kick myself
18% (106 votes)
Total votes: 583

Have you ever been caught without a condom?

No way, I’m way too prepared
42% (212 votes)
25% (126 votes)
It happens all the time
20% (103 votes)
Once. And never since!
13% (67 votes)
Total votes: 507

Where do you usually get condoms from?

The supermarket or servo
75% (383 votes)
A vending machine
11% (55 votes)
A school or youth service
7% (37 votes)
A medical centre or GP
7% (36 votes)
Total votes: 510
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