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So here’s the good news – when you get tested for a sexually transmissible infection (STI) most doctors can bulk bill, so you shouldn’t be left out of pocket.

So what’s bulk billing exactly?

Bulk billing is when the government pays for the total cost of seeing a doctor. This means you pay nothing whatsoever. That means it’s absolutely FREE. But you should check first that the service you’re requesting bulk bills (just ask at the front counter or when you are on the phone), as some doctors don’t. Bulk billing is a common practice and many doctors will bulk bill people under 16, students and healthcare cardholders. A lot of medical centres also bulk bill.

And this then brings us to an important point. YOU NEED A MEDICARE CARD. If you’d like your STI test to be bulk billed then you need a Medicare Card which must be presented when you are the Doctor.


Getting a Medicare Card.

If you are 15 years or older you can get a Medicare Card of your own. If you don’t have one already, just follow these simple steps to get one, because you’ll need it when you visit a doctor.

  1. Fill in the Medicare form here.
  2. Follow the instructions.
  3. Return the form.
  4. Wait until you receive your new Medicare Card and then find the closest location where you can get tested.

A couple more points to consider:

  • If you have any problems with the Medicare form simply give the team at Medicare a call on 132 011.
  • If you’re under 15 years of age, or not eligible for a Medicare Card, get in touch with our very own Nurse Nettie for alternatives.
  • You should also know that Medicare understands your right to privacy and won’t disclose any information to your family.

Find out where you can get tested using your suburb or town – it will give you a full listing of your closest doctors  and sexual health clinics.

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