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When it comes to STIs, it’s totally normal to find the testing appointment process a little daunting.

The best place to get tested is at your Doctor. Keep in mind that for many services you’ll need an appointment. So visit their website to check, or give them a call first. 


Embarrassed? Nervous? Here are a few tips to get the conversation started with your doctor.

Why not bring it up when you’re visiting your doctor for something else. Let’s say you’ve got an injury or need a prescription. While you’re still in your appointment say something like: I know I came here to talk about my sore shoulder, but I’d also like to get an STI test too.

You should also know that any results from STI testing are kept totally confidential.


Doctor not an option? No problem.

There are many other services. This includes Family Planning NSW, Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS), Headspace and some youth-specific sexual health clinics. For more info about any of these, why not contact Nurse Nettie?


Prefer just to ask some questions or chat to someone over the phone first?

Fair enough. Any questions you may have can be answered by Nurse Nettie. Feel free to contact her and you'll be pointed in the right direction for other places you can go.



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