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So you’ve done the best thing for your health and tested for STIs with your Doctor. That’s a great start. If your results confirm that you do have an STI then your next course of action is getting treatment.

Even if the symptoms are minimal and you’re not experiencing any pain, it’s important that you start treatment straight away for maximum effectiveness. And don’t forget, it’s also vital that anyone you are having sex with is treated too. Two things to note, one, it’s important that you finish all of your antibiotics and two, don’t have sex, even with a condom until after you have finished the course.


What to do next?

The earlier you start treatment the better, so go see your doctor to get the ball rolling. And remember, the information you share with your doctor is totally confidential, as is the information you might share with Medicare. Both keep your information private and won’t disclose a thing to your family. Also, you may need to contact any partners you have had sex with recently, so they can get tested and treated too.

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