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    Hey guys/gals!

    Yes I’m still a virgin even though I know it’s not gonna be too long till I eventually have the “party” with some woman that is nice, beautiful and one that I trust! Anyone out there in the same position as me? How do you feel and your thoughts on it??

    Also would like to ask anyone out there is it worthwhile for me going to get a full STD checkup even incl. HIV? I’ve only ever received oral and given oral sex once to a girl. And have also had last HIV test just for my own peace of mind in Nov 2018.

    Well hope to hear some of your thoughts! Nice to join this forum on here 🙂

    Take care all!


    Welcome, @patchelor!

    Thank you for being brave and sharing your thoughts with us! I certainly felt the same when I was about to lose my virginity but wasn’t necessarily confident enough to voice my insecurities out loud.

    I really admire that you’re waiting for someone who is going to respect you, that’s one of the key components of a healthy and enjoyable sex life.

    Regarding testing, I think if you meet someone you like and are thinking of having sex with her, you could both get an asymptomatic test done. If you’re in the risk criteria for HIV I’m sure your nurse will be happy to have a chat with you then.

    Take care!


    Thanks for your advice and thoughts @champagnepapi !

    I guess being a 30yr old male, I only know a handful of mates who are still virgins but a lot of other friends I know for sure aren’t ???? but yeah I’m not ashamed or afraid of still being a virgin and I definitely don’t judge anyone who is not a virgin, as I believe sex, love and intimacy is a natural thing and people all deserve and are worthy of love and intimacy.

    Yep, I think having only received oral sex from 5 women I’ve been with, and never having penetrative sex I’ll still get a full std check including a HIV blood test if the nurse/gp seem it necessary! I hope to hear many more experiences from people in this forum and am glad to learn and share such experiences. I don’t want to let STD’s and the fear of them stop me from having a great sex life! Love to all here and in good health 🙂


    Hey @patchelor! Thanks so much for being so open. I love your positive attitude and outlook on sex and intimacy! You are right, being a virgin is nothing to be ashamed of no matter what your age is.

    I do think it is a good idea to still get tested as even though the risk for contracting STIs through oral sex is lower than through penetrative, they can still be transmitted through oral sex.


    Hi @patchelor,

    Just speaking from personal experience, I don’t think think it’s worthwhile just having sex with anyone just for the sake of not being a virgin. When I was younger I did that and it was not an enjoyable experience!

    I think its important to want to have sex because you want to have sex, rather than for the sake of measuring up to a superficial measure like “virginity”.

    All the best


    Hey @patchelor, thanks for making this post!

    I completely agree with @potplant on this one, it is definitely not worth having sex just to not be a virgin. I do regret rushing into losing my virginity when I younger. I find it very admirable and even sexy when someone waits to have sex, and for the right reasons too! – always better to save yourself for someone you truly trust!

    As @goldenrose already mentioned, you can still catch HIV and other STIs through unprotected oral sex, so I would definitely take the test for peace of mind. Also, if you have any other unprotected sex (oral or penetrative) in the future then also try to get a test ASAP. Always better to be safe than sorry!

    Hope you are staying well! 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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