Here's what to say if you need to talk about condoms

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What to say
  • They say: Sex with condoms just isn’t enjoyable.
    You say: Is no sex more enjoyable?
  • They say: I’m on the pill.
    You say: I understand, but that won’t protect against STIs.
  • They say: I’ll pull out with plenty of time.
    You say: Nope, as soon as you’re in, it’s too late.
  • They say: They don’t make condoms big enough.
    You say: Don’t worry, they stretch! I can’t wait to see that.
  • They say: They’re such a passion killer.
    You say: Don’t worry, I’m creative.
  • They say: We’re monogamous, we don’t need them.
    You say: How about we get tested first.
  • They say: If you loved me, you’d agree.
    You say: If you loved me, you’d wear one.
  • They say: I don’t have a condom with me.
    You say: Ok, let’s go get some (or ‘It’s ok, I’ve got some’ and carry them yourself).