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Premature ejaculation just means “coming too fast”. But what is too fast?

Sometimes movies and TV shows make premature ejaculation out to be a big deal, but really it’s not – and often people exaggerate how long they can “last” when talking to their friends. The actual average time it takes to ejaculate during intercourse is 5.5 minutes.

You and your partner are the only ones who get to decide if your sex is satisfying.

If they’re happy and you’re happy you don’t have a problem!

But if you would like to go a bit longer before you come, there are some things that can help.

Know your body

Yep, masturbate! When you’re touching yourself pay attention to the signals your body gives you when you’re about to come, then stop before you do. Keep doing this until you are ready to finish.

Slow it down

When you’re with a partner use the skills you learnt on your own. Listen to your body’s cues, and let your partner know when you need to slow down or have a break. Sex isn’t all on or all off – you can speed up and slow down as much as you want. It’s all part of the fun!

Take 2

So you came quickly the first time… no worries. Have a break, then go again! Lots of people find that they last longer on the second go round.

Be patient

If you’re new to sex you’re still learning the sensations. As your body gets used to the feelings of sex you’ll likely last longer.

Sometimes when you’re with a new partner you can be a bit anxious or overexcited. Be patient – your mind will get more calm and comfortable, and your body will too.

Use condoms

They don’t just keep you safe – some people find condoms help them last longer too!

If you want to know more you can ring 1800 451 624 between 9:00am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday to talk with a sexual health nurse. It’s confidential and free if you call from a landline.

Play Safe!

Nurse Nettie.