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What’s it like getting an STI test in NSW?

Even though it’s a normal part of a healthy and enjoyable sex life, getting an STI test can sometimes feel daunting. To show that there’s really nothing to worry about,...

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Tips for getting an STI test – from people who have been there, done that

Have you ever visited the Play Safe forum? It’s packed full of conversations on all things sexual health from young people across NSW. One of the topics they’ve been tackling...

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5 myths about STI testing – busted

Getting an STI test is a normal part of a healthy and confident sex life, but sometimes it can feel daunting or confusing. But have no fear because we’re here...

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What STI tests do I need?

Did you know that the types of STI tests you need differ depending on the type of sex you’re having? There are a few different types of STI tests –...

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