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Have you ever visited the Play Safe forum? It’s packed full of conversations on all things sexual health from young people across NSW. One of the topics they’ve been tackling recently is tips for getting an STI test. Here, we round up their advice. 

1. Try to relax

“Remember that these tests are totally day-to-day and normal, and remind yourself that you’re doing an awesome thing for your sexual health,” @aphrodite9.

2. Ask questions

“If you have any worries at all feel free to ASK QUESTIONS, get your health practitioner to explain anything that you don’t understand. No question is a stupid question,”  @aphrodite9.

3. Go with someone

“My best tip is to go with a friend or partner. Whenever someone tells me they’re nervous about going for an STI check I always offer to go with them and say that I may as well get a check while I’m there too. I find it a much more comfortable experience when I’m with someone. Plus, then you can treat yourself by doing something fun together afterwards,” @curiousss.

4. Test for everything

“There’s a ton of different tests you can get, which screen for a number of things. My advice is that, if you’re going to test for one thing why not check everything while you’re at it? This usually includes a pee in a cup, a throat swab and blood test. But your doctor can advise,” @tea

5. Be prepared

“I guess a huge tip I have for newcomers is definitely going in prepared. Know what you’re going in for and how the procedure works. Maybe even write down any questions you have to ask your healthcare provider. And if it happens that your results come back positive, there’s a thread here there are tips and tricks on how to tell partners comfortably and safely,” @tea.

6. GPs aren’t the only option

“The first time I went to get an STI test I felt nervous that when I asked my GP for it they would judge me. They didn’t – in fact they responded really positively. There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. However, if this is something that concerns you, it might be an idea to go to a sexual health clinic rather than a GP,” @aphrodite9.

You can read the full forum thread here. Want to book in for an STI test? Find out if you need one in our 30 second quiz and find your nearest clinic here