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The “friend zone”

It’s something most of us will go through at some point. You really like someone, you hang out a lot and have fun together. You have a crush on them,…

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What is asexuality?

I don’t feel sexually attracted to anyone. What’s wrong with me? Nothing! Some people are attracted to boys, some to girls, and some to both and/or other genders. But some…

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Talk First!

Talk First – how to talk about sex Whether you’re having sex for the first time or you’re about to sleep with a new partner, talking about sex isn’t always…

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Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation just means “coming too fast”. But what is too fast? Sometimes movies and TV shows make premature ejaculation out to be a big deal, but really it’s not…

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How to play safe – online dating

Grindr, Tinder, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat… dating apps and social media platforms have made it easier than ever to meet new people. As with traditional dating, you want to keep…

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Am I Gay?

Heaps of young people ask me if being attracted to someone who is the same sex makes them gay. So I asked Terence Humphries from Twenty10 incorporating GLCS NSW (Gay…

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