10 ways to be better in bed - via GIF - Play Safe %
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Want a session you’ll never forget?

1. Talk

Talking about sex, makes the actual sex better. Share what you like and don’t like.

2. Laugh

Let’s face it. Sex has its funny moments. Ever bumped your head? Fanny farted? Yep. There’s only one response. You know it.

3. Get tested

It can be as simple as one quick pee into a cup every 6-12 months and you’re done. Regular testing a healthy and confident sex life.

4. Wear a condom

Condoms are the only contraception that protect against both pregnancy and STIs. And they can help make a man last longer. #winning

Andy Samberg Flirting GIF

5. Be confident

Confidence is attractive. Learn to love yourself.

6. Mix it up

Bored of missionary? Fed up with doggy style? Get creative and try something new.

Mix It Up Schitts Creek GIF by CBC

7. Know the body

Where’s the clitoris on a woman? What about the man’s perineum? Get to know your body.

8. Focus

Now is not the time to multitask people.

9. Relax

Sex should be fun not stressful. Deep breath aaaaaand relax.

10. Enjoy

Sex is supposed to be fun. Keep safe and carry on.