Consent - it’s not a yes, unless it’s a hell yes - Play Safe
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With summer fast approaching, and Schoolies around the corner it’s easily going to be one of the most exciting times of your life and with excitement comes new experiences. Some of which you might not be prepared for.

While it can be easy to get swept away in all the fun, it’s important that if you do find that special someone, you make sure they’re having as much fun as you.

It’s super important to feel comfortable and safe when it comes to sex, and a really easy way to do this is by familiarising yourself with these simple steps:

  • Be sure this is what you and your partner both want. In other words, it’s not a yes unless it’s a HELL YES! “Maybe” or any uncertain physical or verbal cues around sex is a NO. Unsure? Ask. Even if your partner consented yesterday, you still need their consent today. You also need consent during sex – your partner agreeing to a new sex position doesn’t mean they’re consenting to it forever
  • Make sure both you and your partner feel comfortable. Communication is key. Vocalising how you feel and what you need to do to be comfortable, relaxed and in control of your situation will make all the difference
  • Check back in on your partner to make sure they’re still feeling great about what’s going on. Just because they said yes to begin with, doesn’t mean they can’t change their mind. Keep that talking up
  • Alcohol may be a part of the equation. And there’s always a chance that while under the influence of alcohol, people do things, or engage in things they would not usually do. Especially regarding sex. This is so important: if your partner is drunk, they can’t legally consent. If your partner is unconscious, they can’t legally consent. Keep each other safe and regret-free by leaving it until the morning, when you can be sure that this is what you both are excited to do
  • Be respectful of your partner’s boundaries. It’s ok for someone to consent to one thing, but not another. Remember everyone is different whether you’re in a relationship or your meeting someone for the first time.
  • Remember condoms. Keep them with you all the time. In your room, in your pants, in your bra, wherever you need to store them to make sure you and your partner are staying safe and using the right protection. Make sure you have condoms available so you can Play Safe.

And remember – if people are not respecting your boundaries or you find yourself in uncomfortable situations – seek the help of an adult or trusted friend.

Written by Tanaya and Verity from Unleashed Grad Trips