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Who doesn’t love a festival? The music, the vibes, the people. The free STI testing (yep, that’s a thing). Whether it’s a day festival or a three-day camping extravaganza we’ve got you covered on the packing front…


We’re in Australia, so hopefully this is a given. But always remember to pack a hat, sunnies, and sunscreen – and to re-apply it throughout the day. A refillable water bottle will help out on the hydration front too.

Toilet roll

Trust us, no one wants to be caught short in a portaloo. Carry some toilet paper and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Plenty of battery

Finding your mates in a crowd of 15,000 people is no easy task. Put your phone into low power mode so it lasts longer, consider taking extra battery power for your phone and choose a meet-up place for if technology fails you. Or you could always visit the Down to Test tent for a recharge.


You never know who you’re going to meet in the crowd – or where the night may take you. Pack a handful of condoms and you’ll be ready for anything.


If you’re at a camping festival and you’re worried about how to find your tent again after a long day of dancing, a giant flag is the answer. Make it unique and memorable and you’ll spot it a mile off.

Head torch

Hello campers. It’s late, you’re tired, your battery on your phone is dying, and you need to navigate your way back to your tent. Now, it’s obviously easier as you have your flag in place… but a head torch will make things just that bit easier.

Rubbish bag

Another one for the campers out there. Pack yourself some bin bags (or go plastic free and use a reusable dry bag) to keep your camping area spic and span and make packing up at the end easier.

First aid kit

Now, obviously there will be medics on-site, but carrying some basic essentials like painkillers and band-aids will save a long queue at the first aid tent for any minor mishaps.

What’s on your festival packing list? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram.