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Did you know that condoms are the only form of contraception that protects against both STIs and pregnancy? But for some reason, not everyone wants to use one when they’re having sex. Here, we debunk some of the common myths around condoms.

Condoms don’t fit

Condoms actually come in plenty of different sizes, so if one feels too small try another brand or size until you find the one that feels just right. Also, condoms stretch more than you might think; so, a condom being ‘too small’ is never an excuse not to wear one.

Don’t believe us?

Sex doesn’t feel as good with a condom

Now, this is one you hear a lot. While it might be true that sex can sometimes feel different with a condom, it doesn’t feel bad. Especially nowadays where condoms have been developed to be extra thin, which means they can provide as much sensitivity as sex without a condom. Condoms can even make sex better – get creative and try out ribbed or flavoured condoms.

Condoms are expensive

We have good news for you; condoms can actually be 100% free. The Condom Credit Card Project from Family Planning NSW is a service to make it easy for young people to get free condoms. Simply head to a clinic or service that displays the CCCard posters and ask for your own CCCard. Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS) can also provide free condoms.

It’s the guy’s responsibility to buy and carry condoms

The only person in control of your sexual health is you. That’s why it’s important for everyone who is sexually active to be comfortable buying and carrying condoms. Trust us, the person at the checkout has seen it all before. If you are nervous though, head to the self-checkout.

Condoms are just for penetration

It’s true that condoms should be used for penis-in-vagina and anal sex, but they should also be used for oral sex too. That’s because – while you can’t get pregnant from oral sex – you can still catch most STIs.  Want to know more about when to use a condom?

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