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    So, today is Saturday. The previous Sunday or almost a week ago, my boyfriend and I had some fun in his car. I gave him oral sex and then he came right afterward, a lot of it on his hands. We waited about 30 seconds to minute. I believed he wiped his hand on his jacket and then he fingered me. Last night, I felt sick during work and threw up and from last night into today have felt little to noticeable pelvic pain. Last night, just urination and pooping made the pain decrease, but I just feel something there. I feel the pain build up when I lay down and goes away when I’m sitting up or on laying on my stomach. If I could point out the pain, it’d be right where my uterus is, not in the fallopian tubes or anything. I could have had bad taco bell or food poisoning the other day or something else wrong. My period doesn’t come for another week or two (since I track it). Am I pregnant or just paranoid? 


    Hi @worrywart99, welcome to PlaySafe 🙂

    From what you’ve described, I think it’s pretty unlikely that the sexual activity you and your boyfriend engaged in would lead to your getting pregnant. Sickness and symptoms of being pregnant can be pretty varied, I believe, but also a week is probably a little early for them to be happening in the rare chance that you are pregnant. 
    @Nurse_Nettie can probably give you a more reliable answer, but my guess is you’re probably just a little paranoid, not pregnant  😉 I’d just wait until you’re period is due before worrying too much, or grab a home pregnancy test if you don’t want to wait that long and would rather have that peace of mind.

    Hi @worrywart99! Pregnancy paranoia is the worst! But I totally agree with @MintMilano, a pregnancy test is a good way to settle your nerves or just wait until your period is due. 

    It’s worth noting too that washing your hands before fingering is a good habit to get into! There’s been a bit of discussion about it already here but I understand it’s pretty hard to wash your hands in a car ahaha. @Nurse_Nettie could you confirm whether something more portable like wipes would be sufficient for killing off bacteria?


    Hi @worrywart99, I agree with the other comments in saying that it’s very unlikely you are pregnant but if this is worrying you there’s no harm in taking a pregnancy test – that will give you peace of mind for the next couple of weeks until your period is due. 


    @worrywart99 when I first started having sex I used to have to feelings like this a lot – even when I knew I couldn’t actually be pregnant! 

    From what you’ve explained though, I’d say it’s very unlikely that you’re pregnant from that sexual activity. But @Nurse_Nettie will be able to answer for sure.


    Hello @worrywart99! You don’t need to worry about pregnancy from fingering 🙂 The risk is infintesimally small if he has semen (cum) on his hands & it’s really too early to have any symptoms if you were pregnant anyway. 

    A pregnancy scare is a good reminder to be prepared though! If you’ve started having penis-in-vagina sex with your boyfriend or are thinking about it as a possibility, now is the time to make sure you have a plan.

    There are SO MANY contraceptive options these days. Condoms are the only way to prevent STIs as well as pregnancy, but having an implant or IUD means you don’t have to worry about pregnancy if the condom doesn’t happen for whatever reason. 

    Also, everyone should know about the Emergency Contraceptive Pill. You can get it over the counter from the pharmacist (no script needed!) & it does a pretty good job of preventing pregnancy if you take it within 72 hours after unprotected vaginal sex. 

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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