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    I’ve had my nipples pierced for 5+ years now and only one is still in (the other I had to remove due to complications during sex). Are my nipples normal?

    Is it normal for them to be constantly erect? Will they ever go down? What even makes them erect in the first place?

    I want to wear clothes without having to put on a bra, but I can’t because my nips love pointing at everyone. I still have feeling in them though and they feel good to touch!

    Does anyone else experience super pointy nips?

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    I used to have my nipples pierced a while back but one fell out and then I took the other out a year later just cause I got over it. I know what you mean by them always being pointy when pierced but now that mine are out they are fine (can be soft when not cold etc.).

    Is the one that is taken out still constantly erect?


    @goldenrose Both are erect! Constantly! Even if it’s not cold, they just stay out? I’m not sure if I’ve been pierced incorrectly and maybe experienced some nerve damage? Hmm.


    Hmm… yeah possibly! I’m really not sure though. That must be frustrating for you though, hopefully you can get some answers and maybe help the situation!


    @goldenrose Maybe I’ll build up the courage to ask my GP about it! In the meantime maybe @nurse_nettie has some info?


    That sounds like a bit of a conundrum @tea, I hope you get some answers. I think you’re right, a GP might be a good source of info to try. But it is good to hear you’re still getting enjoyment from your nipples being touched!

    I’ve never had my nipples pierced so don’t know about that – but sometimes I’ll have one very pointy nipple and one soft one. I tend to think nipples can just naturally be all sorts of sizes, shapes, colours and forms, and theres no one “normal”. With mine, whether or not the little smooth muscles are contracted to make my nipples erect depends on a combination of my body temperature, the room temperature, what clothing they’re in contact with, whether they’ve been touched or if I’m aroused. Some days they are more pointy than others, and how sensitive they feel varies too.

    That said, if there was a significant change in the appearance of skin on a nipple over a longer period of time, that would probably be something recommended to get checked out by a doctor


    @tea, nipples are extremely sensitive to temperature & touch. Any stimulation can make them erect, including clothes. Nipple piercings increase the sensitivity. This is completely normal. @aphrodite9 is right in that no two nipples are the same. However any changes in the skin, painful swelling or nipple discharge should be checked by a doctor.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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