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    Is our generation having less sex then our parents or grandparents generations?

    Multiple studies have shown that this could be true!

    Are we staying at home more? Is it the availability of porn?

    I personally am shocked, I thought young people were having lots of sex especially due to hookup apps like Tinder and Grindr which makes it so much easier to meet people. And the changing of social attitudes towards sex (i.e. sex before marriage is more acceptable and less stigmatised, as well as same-sex sex).

    What does everyone else think?


    This topic really intrigues me! I listened to a great podcast that suggested the reason young people are having less sex (but also the rate of unwanted teenage pregnancies are waaayyyy lower than ever before) is because the availability of technology gives us those dopamine hits in the privacy of our own bedroom. Between porn and constant messaging, young people are less likely to leave their rooms to seek out thrilling activities, because at the end of the day, the chemical response in the brain is the exact same!! Scary, right?


    That’s so interesting! I can totally see how technology would be influencing this.

    I think as well the nature of relationships is changing and marriage isn’t as much of a priority as it used to be. I feel like casual relationships/dating and hookups are much more prominent and people are getting married later in life and focusing on other things like their careers and travel. So if you’re not in a relationship I feel like you would be having less sex than someone who is.


    This is such an interesting topic!

    that fact about dopamine has blown my mind – it seems so obvious but I’ve never even considered it – it makes so much sense!

    I know that comprehensive sex education prevents early sexual debut (i.e. people who are taught great sex ed are having sex for the first time later), so I wonder if it also has links to people having less sex? I have no idea!

    I also get really intrigued whenever I learn about how the current state of the economy has completely changed our relationships. Many more people are living with their families for longer (they cannot afford to leave home) so people are forming long term relationships later in life. I’m curious as to whether this has any connections to people’s sex lives, too.


    Ahh wow @earthmama very scary! I wonder if that has anything why Instagrams has changed to no longer show likes?

    Good point about less marriages less sex @goldenrose I read an article not long ago (sadly can’t find) about how this could be linked to movements towards individualism living where more young epople are able to live lives however they chose without pressure to abide by marriage and family norms / expectations.

    yes living at home would also be a major factor i’m sure

    I also heard somewhere people even think netflix! and binge watching is affecting people have sex (haha)!

    What do you guys think? any other suggestions or thoughts about why young people could be or could not be not having less sex?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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