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    About damn time this became something we talk about:

    In high school, I intimately remember the usage of hand gestures that would have taught even the most daft male what to do. And boys/men are often told that masturbation is the thing to do to help balance and imbalance in sexual desire – but nobody ever seems to say similar to a female.

    Thank you very much Emma Watson, Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, Eva Longoria, Miley Cyrus, Anna Kendrick, and  Shailene Woodley for putting some words to this.


    I love how it’s now becoming socially acceptable to talk about it! 


    Has anyone else seen the OMG yes that Emma Watson talks about?


    I looked into it @Curiosity but from memory it was $60+ to sign up, and I wondered if I was ready to spend that much money learning new ways to masturbate 🙂


    @Curiosity, I’d heard of it, and checked out the website.. but never subscribed. I’d also looked at a similar thing from the Kinsey Institute (that I can’t recall the name of)


    @ElleBelle When I signed up it was $30 and that was a few months ago, they break it down into I think 9 different methods and have a for lack of a better word simulator (touch responsive screen) that gives instructions as well. It would be confronting if you weren’t expecting real women showing you what to do.

    @MsBlueStreak Is it the Kinsey confidential? 


    @Curiosity Is it actual instructional videos of women themselves? 


    @NickiPower Quoting from OMG Yes’ website:

    See the How and Why

    Watch videos where women explain
    and demonstrate how the technique works for them, how they discovered it and
    why it feels so good. No scripts, no actors.


    Then, Try For Yourself

    With the world’s first touchable
    videos, as you touch, you get feedback in real-time so you can fine-tune. Get
    it wrong. Then get it right.

    So it’s videos (of real women), but touchable video.


    Bringing this back because why aren’t women taught how to feel good? Boys are taught it’s totally okay and it’s socially acceptable but as soon as a girl gets down with herself it’s a dirty thing?

    I didn’t even know HOW to masturbate at first because how would I? I went through a lot of meaningless rubbing because that’s what guys did so it’s the same right? I spent a long, long time seeking out some accurate information on how to masturbate in a way that made me feel good, and in different ways. I still don’t really see or know of any good resources about female masturbation + techniques.

    Does anyone have some good (free) resources?


    I think I’ve shared this one elsewhere but it’s too cute not to share! 


    @Aunt_Flo omg that’s adorable! Reminds me a bit of one of my favourite clips
     @tea Erika Moen has some amazing sexual health comics including one on how to masturbate!


    @peachy god that video is so cute, and informative! 


    I don’t know about everyone else but as a kid, I was told that I should not touch, or let anyone else touch my ’private parts’, and some adults would call them the ‘naughty bits’ (even now we say that jokingly). So I always felt quite guilty masturbating, like I was doing something wrong. I am so pleased that some big names are coming out and ‘normalising’ masturbation! 


    @veryelle That is so true that masturbation begins with feelings of shame. And what a shame! I know it took me a long time to really cross that ‘guilt’ barrier also. 


    @tea I guess it depends on a lot of factors in your upbringing, but I think the shame around masturbation definitely affects both boys as well as girls. sometimes you’re told it natural or normal but other times you’re told you’ll go blind or grow hair on your palms if you touch yourself! 

    I think the biggest difference might be the mechanics of it all? in terms of teaching someone how to masturbate, for boys its just “simulate the friction of having sex until you ejaculate”, and boys can see their penises so I guess they’re more likely to discover it on their own. but vaginas (well, vulvas and clitorises and all those wonderful parts) are a little more dynamic in how the produce pleasure, which might not be as… intuitive, I suppose? like after reading the thread about the Mirror Thing it seems like the female sex organs need a little more “getting to know you”, I think. sorry if my ramble of thoughts got confusing there. 

    but regardless, young women absolutely deserve the sexual autonomy to masturbate so I am all for this type of education! 

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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