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    Quite often my partner comments on my breath and the bad smell. He does this usually before we are about to have sex or when I am about to kiss him. I have been on a lot of medication for a few years now,  and know that the bad breath is just a side effect. But I was wondering if there was anything I could try to improve the problem as brushing doesn’t seem to help. 😐

    @mak_trouble891 Have you ever consulted with an oral doctor?
    Since the cause of your bad breath is from the side effect of medication, it
    would be better to discuss it with a specialist or your GP first. I have bad
    breath too when I wake up in the morning. It’s important to maintain oral
    health by brushing teeth after meal and using mouthwash. Oh and gum does help


    No, never thought to @v4wanndii…Its kind of embarrassing to me


    @v4wanndii – my mother actually had a doctor and a dentist whale on her for using mouthwash (too often). Apparently she’d managed to kill all of the good (defensive) bacteria in her mouth over the years, which made her susceptible to gum infections. 

    @mak_trouble891 I would suggest the same as @v4wanndii, a visit to the doctor is a good idea – they can provide you with options specific to your issues and which don’t interfere with the aforementioned meds your taking.


    @MsBlueStreak  i never knew that disadvantage of using mouthwash. I use it everyday, i think i have to consult with my dentist now. Thanks


    Yeah @mak_trouble891 I agree with everyone else, a doctor or specialist could help. In the interim, something like a breath mint close to when you think you’ll have sex (if you have a routine or can ‘tell’) might help. I’d feel uncomfortable if my partner brought it up only around sex and kissing. I think there’s definitely a way to talk about these things at a better time! I wouldn’t be too bothered by the smell of your breath either – I know morning breath and some very intense coffee breath hasn’t stopped me from having morning sex (same for my partner). 🙂


    Talking to your doctor sounds like the best advice, agreeing with everyone here. Also, maybe try and share a stinky meal (think lots of garlic, etc), coffee, whatever before kissing- If you both have stinky breath then maybe neither will notice 😀

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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