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    Some places I’ve had sex have seemed better in my head compared to in practice. Recently, I’ve noticed that steamy shower sex hasn’t been so steamy – quite the opposite in fact! I’ve been freezing and stiff the last few times I’ve had sex in the shower because of the freezing weather.

    Anyone else tried a place (or perhaps position) that worked much better when you thought about it, compared to doing it?


    I always think that the shower looks easier in the movies than in real life. Either you’re freezing, battling for the water or it’s an awkward mess of body parts as you try and find a way that works. I feel that I have a list of positions that seemed ok, but were way too difficult (no one should be cramping) and were never used again but I couldn’t tell you what they were! 


    I have never had sex in the shower. Well, i just don’t feel well having water running down your body while having sex. I think sex on sofa is much more comfortable.


    Also, water makes terrible lubricant.


    Oh mama @ElleBelle you are right about that!


    I would have to say car sex and sex on the beach are so not as fun as they seem in movies. OMG the sand and in a small car, it is just too difficult.


    @mak_trouble891 The sand!!! That leaves some raw memories 

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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