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    I took a break from the pill last year and it’s been incredible to re-connect with my body, however i’m now seeing someone fairly regularly and i’m thinking of going back to a birth control. I don’t have regular periods due to my PCOS, which mean’s even though we are using condoms I still have the worry when my period doesn’t come each month – i’m now at 11 weeks without a bleed.

    I don’t think the pill is something I want to go back to and was wondering if anyone has the mirena? As i’m not looking to have kids it seems like a good long term option but wondering if there are any side effects you’ve experienced.  Or any other birth controls you’ve had positive experiences with.




    Hey @yogigirl did you end up finding a type of contraception which worked for you? I’ve had the mirena before and talked about it over here, if you want to read a bit about it!

    I’ve been off of any type of contraception for a while now and it’s been good to connect with my body in a different way. I’ve not had any seriously bad experiences with any kind of contraception before, but it’s always good to make an informed decision before you start anything new!

    There’s some other good threads I’ll link to as well, in case you’re still exploring your options!

    Mirena/IUD | Long-Acting Contraception

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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