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    Half because of quarantine and half because…well, why not, I’ve let the majority of my body hair grow out. The other day, I was about to shave my legs before seeing my partner and just stopped because I couldn’t find a reason to shave, aside from habit. I don’t mind having leg hair. And it struck me as so weird that despite being a young adult, I’ve actually never seen my armpit hair – I’ve been shaving it since I was a tween. It’s kind of cool to see how long all of my hair is naturally!

    Do you remove your body or pubic hair? Is there anything that’s behind the decision?
    Do you have a preference when it comes to a partner’s hair?
    What can you say in response if someone makes a less than polite comment about your current hair situation?

    I have to say, one of the reasons I started shaving my pubic hair is because a partner mentioned it during sex. Being naked and hearing a comment like that is SUCH a mood and confidence killer!


    @aunt_flo, I totally relate to quarantine being a perfect time to let body hair grow out! I was the same as you and have been shaving since I was a young teen and it has actually been so awesome seeing my body hair grow its own way!

    I totally agree that having a partner mention my grooming during sex is the biggest mood killer ever! For the most part, I would remove all body hair right before sex just to avoid those encounters from happening again.

    I honestly have no preference when it comes to my partner’s hair situation, whatever makes them feel most comfortable in their skin has always been the way to go for me! Unfortunately, I have always been told that they had a preference for me having my hair removed which doesn’t bother me too much, it is just SO MUCH EFFORT sometimes! It is going to be interesting seeing if I will go back to shaving regularly now that we can go outside more!

    What I have learnt during this time in quarantine is that your hair situation is totally that, Yours! If anyone makes a rude comment about your hair, then they definitely aren’t worth your time!


    I only shave my bikini area but try to get all of the rest of my body hair. As much as I would love to, I’m yet to get to the stage of being comfortable showing leg or armpit hair when wearing skirts/tanktops. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m the only individual for whom the patriarchy plays an influential role in body hair removal decisions 🙁

    Interestingly, I’m not as critical with partners, which tells me so much about the general notion that we’re always harsh on ourselves above everyone else.


    I naturally dont grow alot of body hair, at least not very thick anyway.
    I tend to always trim down my pubic hair so that its really short, not always just before sex with someone either, but for my own comfortability as I dont like the feeling of thick curly hair on myself when I masturbate and such.

    I believe we should all strive to do what makes us feel the most comfortable, whatever that may be. So if growing out your hair makes you more comfortable then I say go for it! Anyone your with should accept you for you, and should definately not bring it up during sex, a mood killer for sure!


    I’ve definitely just let it all grow out more than usual the last few months. In summer I like to shave my legs but I wish I had never started (thanks patriarchy, beauty standards and great advertising on behalf of shaving companies haha) because I reckon that my legs wouldn’t be as hairy – but that could be a myth.

    I haven’t shaved my pits for a while and when I met my partner I said ‘If you have a problem with girls with hairy pits then you aren’t the person for me’ so that was nice to get that out of the way but I do trim them so the hairs aren’t super long and do some of them grow! I trim my pubes but stopped shaving or waxing around the ‘bikini line’ ages too because I kept on getting in grown hairs and pimples and that killed my confidence way more than the actual hairs and TBH I just find that a trimmer does a pretty good job of keeping it tidy enough. Like others I wish I had the confidence to rock hairy legs but I don’t and just prefer them smooth!

    Agree that it’s a mood killer if body hair comes up just before sex, it’s everyone’s personal preference how they groom (or don’t) and I think that commenting on someones body hair and how they wear it can be really hurtful – It’s never happened to me but I think it would knock my self-esteem a little.

    I love that women are dying their pits – no way I could do this but I think it’s so much fun


    Great minds @piperr42!

    I think outdated ideas of gender and femininity definitely play a role in the way we view body hair, @champagnepapi. I remember in high school we were talking about dominant and recessive traits and seeing what one we had. One trait was hair on the fingers (close to your knuckles). I was soooo embarrassed that I was the only girl in my class to raise my hand for that trait. It felt awful! My comfort with body hair is definitely a new development, and one I’m very grateful for.

    Definitely @mickymee – your body, your choice!

    @stephaniaaaah I love how forward you were! That’s gold!


    @aunt_flo @piperr42 totally agree! It is SO much effort to keep up the perceived ideas of what body hair should look like. I’m a ‘shave once a week’ kind of girl but sometimes catch myself forgetting! I have noticed more and more that women are letting their hair grow out which is so empowering! One thing that annoys me about the way we are told to think is that when I see a girl with long armpit hair I do a double take as if it’s something ‘unusual’, when really it’s perfectly natural. Don’t you wish we were brought up realising hair is natural and not something we need to get rid of?!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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