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    Body Positivity

    Sometimes I look in the mirror and I feel not nice about what I’m looking at, but then I remember the things I love about my body and that makes things okay. Body positivity is a hard thing to practice!

    What’s one thing about your body that you absolutely LOVE?

    (I love my legs)!


    I love the strength it is capable of!

    Feeling (previously underdeveloped) muscles work is so intoxicating and now means I actually like running.


    I love my eyes. I have quite bright blue eyes and it is not only that they get a lot of people’s attention, but they are a part of me that is uniquely me and not something easily altered.
    Thank you for this @tea. Sometimes we just need to stop and appreciate things about ourselves. It’s amazing how feeling good about a single aspect of yourself can make you feel good about the rest of you :smiley:


    This is such a great thread @tea! Our bodies are amazing things! 
    I love the fact that my body has finished 2 marathons! 


    I love this thread @tea, I have been doing something similar in my bullet journal to help with this same thing. 
    I love the new things I am finding that my body is capable of, especially since I have been working out at the gym, so right now I really love my legs and their strength – something I wouldn’t have said a few months ago! 

    Wow! @NickiPower that’s awesome, what marathons have you done? 


    I’m feeling really inspired to go for a run right now haha  😀 I’m so happy that we can spread positive vibes like this! 

    @mak_trouble891 I love your spreads a lot!! So many good ideas (that I might use for my own bullet hehe).


    Great question @tea! I like that my skin is pretty clean and I have strong arms 🙂


    Lovin this thread!
    I love my bum :blush:  and that I am child size hahaha so i’m pretty compact which is great for planes and small bath tubs! (And shopping in the kids section ahahaha )


    Thanks @tea, feel free to and definitely share 🙂 


    You guys are awesome for doing this! Sometimes it’s so easy to forget that our bodies are amazing and resilient things.

    I have to say I love my eyebrows, I try to keep them looking fleeky always 😉


    I decided a few years back after I loss a stupid amount of weight, and then put much of it back on over a few years that I’m going with the Eat, Pray, Love philosophy of enjoying life instead of caring to stare at myself in the mirror. After all has anyone stood naked in front of a boy (or girl) and had him (her) say ‘no’? (My other half certainly hasn’t)

    I’m actually seriously thankful for that particular line in the movie, because it makes me happy to just be happy.

    I also take pride in the fact that I can lift things pretty much on my own (if I chose to) – it often surprises men when I don’t need help with that heavy thing (unless in stilettos), and when I’m a useful participant in house moving activities.


    Love this thread, it’s something that doesn’t come easy to me either.

    I appreciate the strength in my body and the way it can lift heavy things. Also I heal quickly from cuts and grazes. Aesthetically, I quite like my boobs and my lips.


    Great thread @tea
    I really like my nose, and now that it’s got a piercing through it, I love it even more!


    Love this!
    A couple of years ago I had this realisation that I was spending so much time looking in the mirror, fussing and worrying over how I looked and I got super angry! I decided this was all a patriarchal ploy to keep me playing safe and small and i was not okay with it- since that day, whenever I get too upset over how I look, I try to take a deep breath and remind myself I’ve got important things to do! This mostly works… but sometimes it doesn’t, and that’s what buttered sourdough is for, right?

    Ooh and I love my hands- they are just like my Mum’s. And I love my hair because it’s unique and never behaves. 


    I love that outlook you have @EarthMama! I totally need to start worrying less about the way I look and focus on the important things. I look the way I look and not a lot of things can change that, and it’s okay to be me! I’ve been struggling with this concept a lot lately so it’s reassuring to know that I’m not alone in my self-image struggles.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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