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    Welcome! The Play Safe forum is here to make sex better for
    everyone. Being able to have good, honest conversation is important. Keep that
    in mind when choosing your words.

    These forums are not monitored 24/7 and we cannot guarantee that
    someone will see or reply to anything you post. This is not counselling or a
    crisis service. If you need to talk to someone now click here.

    By registering as a user of the Play Safe Community you
    agree to these Community Guidelines and the Terms and Conditions.


    • Get involved.
    • Aim for enlightening and amusing, not offensive.
      If a moderator asks you to keep it civil, please do so. Repeat offenders will
      be shown the door.

    • Use the search feature. Your question may have
      already been answered.
    • Find the most suitable board for your question.
      Don’t cross-post or repeat the same message in more than one board.
    • Write clear subject lines (thread/topics). If
      you’re changing the subject, start a new thread. If you don’t do this, we may
      move your post for you.
    • Stay on-topic. Start new threads for new topics.
      Posts and threads that are off-topic may be moved.
    • Share what feels comfortable, remembering that
      words shared online can stick around a long time.
    • Treat others as you would like to be treated.
      Respect what others think and believe. Be non-judgemental and avoid making
    • Give credit to others if you used their ideas or
    • Focus on solutions and on what you can learn
      from a negative situation.

    • Remember that Play Safe is for 16-29 year olds
      so there are times when we may refer you to another service if you are outside
      this age range.
    • Contact us before you
      post campaigns, projects, media requests, research, links to other websites,
      and assignment surveys/interviews. Play Safe is a place for conversation first. 
    • Report content that may be causing a problem or
      if you are worried about someone.


    • Post your or anyone else’s address, email or
      phone number.
    • Post links to your or anyone else’s chat handles
      or personal accounts and profiles.
    • Post advertising, spam or affiliate links.
    • Post private discussions with others that were
      held on mobile phones or in chat services, if those discussions can identify
      those people.
    • Post graphic details or other info may be
      harmful or triggering to others.
    • Post any inappropriate, obscene, offensive or
      provocative content.
    • Be malicious, personally attack, bag out/put
      down another member, or troll.
    • Create posts that may incite hatred or are
    • Post about willing participation, or intent to
      participate, in any kind of unlawful activity. This includes breaking age of
      consent laws as a person over the age of consent with someone under it; illegal
      alcohol drinking or recreational drug use; sharing sexual content or
      photographs of minors, or even of yourself as a minor; stated intent to commit,
      or that you have committed, any form of interpersonal abuse or assault.
    • Provide professional advice such as legal, medical,
      financial or other.
    • Cross post. Don’t post multiple, duplicate,
      identical or near-identical content.
    • Post or behave in a way that interferes with the
    • Evade site controls or disregard the

      directions of the
      moderators or staff.

    • Create more than one
      account. If you have forgotten your username or password, please contact us.
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