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    So Play Safe has this quick quiz here: about different condom myths and facts.

    I thought it would be a good idea to expand on this here with any other myths about condoms that people have heard? Was there anything in this quiz that was surprising to you?

    I remember watching the show ‘Girls’ and one of the characters was concerned that the semen will come up the sides of the condom and spill over and she was concerned that she would still be at risk of contracting an STI. I feel like the likely hood of that happening would be rare but has anyone else heard of this myth?

    I actually got one of the quiz questions wrong too, I wasn’t actually too sure if you could put them on inside out but it turns out that you can lol!


    @goldenrose I just took the quiz and got 100%- pretty chuffed 😛 But then the pop up offered me the chance to win 100 condoms and I laughed because what am I going to do with 100 condoms during isolation…
    I cannot think of any specific myths, but I have always been very intimidated by putting them on and doing it correctly, which is ironic considering that was the one thing they ‘taught’ us in sex education at school.


    haha @goldenrose ‘the stuff that gets around the sides of condoms’ – I think it was Hannah

    I got 100% PHEW!

    I used to believe was that condoms would protect you from all STIs.

    This is a little embarrassing to admit but I also used to think that you only needed condoms for penis/vagina sex (aka to prevent pregnancy) but oral and anal was okay EEK. I didn’t really know about STIs because my sex education was really poor growing up in a conservative background..

    I’ve definitely had sex with guys who reckon that their penis’ were too big for the condom or it was too tight *UGH


    Haha same @earthmama, actually don’t even know that I would need 100 condoms normally lol.

    @stephaniaaaah haha yes, it’s such a good show!

    Oh yeah, the ‘my penis is too big for the condom’ is a very common one!

    That’s a good point about condoms being needed for oral and anal sex as well, I don’t think that it is highlighted enough in sex education, at least it wasn’t when I was in school.


    @goldenrose hahahaha that is so true!! I don’t know what I was thinking…


    The myth about size! This weekend I came back from grocery shopping and I decided to try and fit as many mandarins as I could in a condom. Turned out I needed more than what I had. I fit 15 mandarins, 10 potatoes, 2 onions, 5 tomatoes, 1 lemon and an avocado. I was so impressed by it’s stretch!


    @sextronaut Haha that’s amazing!! I have heard of people putting a ridiculous amount of oranges in one before and the condom still not breaking. I feel like an image of that would make a great condom ad (and would help to bust the myth about size!)


    Hahaha @sextronaut that’s amazing! I can’t believe you also fit so much more in there haha

    One of the Condom Myth questions “True or False – You can use massage oil as lube with condoms” I remember always getting confused about types of lube because of breaking down condoms and silicone sex toys! Anyone else every get confused about this?

    I know now that its false as Massage oil breaks down the latex on condoms. And I also know now that while silicone-based lubes are safe for condoms they are not safe to use with silicone sex toys because they can break down the rubber over time.

    SO now I just remember to use water-based with toys and condoms because I know I can never go wrong haha! – Water-based Lube is great for all condoms and sex toys, and no confusion for me!


    Woohoo 100%!

    One myth I heard was in the movie American Pie. A character suggests the guy she sleeps with uses two condoms at once to desensitise him. Huge no-no! Using two isn’t twice the protection – the friction between the two can actually cause them to break!

    I also didn’t really have it drilled into me that condoms were needed during oral sex, even though they very much are. In school it was more condoms = no pregnancy as the first priority.


    Ahh so many myths! The one that worries me the most is the lack of education around the need for condoms during oral sex @aunt_flo. I feel as if the lack of education has created a culture where it is normalised to NOT use one, and therefore it feels like a huge barrier to break to expect a partner to use a condom during oral sex. I always feel like I seem rude and excessive to request it…anyone else?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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