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    My partner is going off their birth control for a little while so we’ll be relying on condoms primarily now.

    Any type or brand recommendations? Not bought any for a long while and there’s too much choice haha.


    I guess it depends on what you’re looking for in a condom!

    I use a few brands. I usually go for ones that claim to be extremely thin, ‘skin-like’, ‘feather light’ etc. to minimise the feel of the actual condom. Ansell’s Skyn range is one of my preferred brands for that reason. A bonus if you or your partner is sensitive to latex is that they’re latex free.



    @catdog yep I second @aunt_flo ‘s recommendation for the Skyn brand as well – my partner doesn’t love the feel of any other condoms but these ones seem really thin (we’ve never had a breakage) and my other favorite brand are Jonny condoms which are an ethical condom company and they feel great too.

    There’s so much choice out there! You can get ribbed ones and vibrating ones and heaps of different flavors as well. Happy shopping!


    @stephaniaaaah you can get condoms that vibrate!?! How??


    I went with Durex Fetherlite condoms. Way different to the condoms I’ve tried previously. Liking them so far. I’ll have to Ansell Skyn condoms though if you both recommend them.

    @stephaniaaaah @earthmama The first condom I ever saw or touched was a vibrating one. I was too young to know what condoms were at the time and I was tricked into holding it by an older kid hahaha. Hopefully it wasn’t used. -.- Don’t know where you’d get them though.


    Hey Catdog!

    I use a mix, mostly the free condoms from ACON which have a lube packet included, the glyde type (same as ACON) free from the sexual health clinics, or Skyn as well.

    Don’t forget you can get different sizes, as most people go regular usually, not knowing there are different sizes. If you size with either tight fit, regular or large, it’s less likely to come off and be easier to put on.


    Wow, I had no idea you could get vibrating condoms!! That’s so cool!


    Just bringing this back up as i’ve recently come off the pill and am using condoms as my sole contraceptive. Anyone have any recent recommendations of their favourite condom brands? Being newly single and no longer taking a birth control pill, I haven’t had to buy any in a while!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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