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    With another extension in lockdown, i’ve been feeling pretty low. It’s weird…last time I went along with it as we didn’t really know what was around the corner but this time I’ve found myself being more irritable and frustrated at the situation we are in. I’m trying to do lots of exercise (especially yoga and beach walks) to stay positive but I can feel my energy is lower than usual.

    Does anyone else feel different about the lockdown this time around?


    Hey @yogigirl thanks for sharing your feelings about this. I can definitely relate, for some reason this lockdown has been so much harder on me mentally. Maybe it’s the uncertainty of when it will end? I’m in an LGA of concern too so it’s been hard seeing things on social media about how other areas are treated differently, or have more access to certain activities.

    I think keeping a routine in times like these is a good idea. It’s great you’re still exercising, it’s a great way to keep those happy hormones flowing through your body! I know it can be hard to stay positive but finding little things in your day which are good things and focusing on those might help. This too shall pass, you’ll get through this.


    Thanks so much for the support @tea! I’m lucky to live in an area that’s no longer in lockdown, so this weekend I was able to get out and live a semi-normal life, see friends and go to bars. It felt SO strange!!

    Sorry to hear you’re in an area of harsher lockdown. Fingers crossed you get some good news soon.

    I’ve got a new morning routine of waking up at 6am and cycling down to the beach for a long walk whilst listening to a podcast. It’s the best feeling getting sun on your face to start the day.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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