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    Why is harder or take longer in general for women to cum? 
    For me it’s something I seem to struggle with as I get older. Does age affect this to? Medication? Even when I really want to I just can’t. 


    Hi @mak_trouble891, lots of things can affect how long it takes to cum. Yes, medication (lots of antidepressants, for example) can make you less sensitive. Alcohol & other drugs can as well. Psychological issues like stress, anxiety, depression & relationship issues, are all things that commonly get in the way of feeling connected to your body or relaxed enough to be fully aroused. It’s really essential to understand what works for you, ensure there’s enough time for foreplay & be honest about your needs, first to yourself & then to your partner.

    For more explanation about how sexual response really works & strategies for improving your experience, check out this really thorough article over on Scarleteen 🙂


    @mak_trouble891 thanks for asking this! It’s something I’ve been really struggling with right now. Cumming when I masturbate is easy but it’s so hard with my new partner. I feel so much pressure to cum with them – sounds like it’s the stress of wanting to cum is getting in the way! 
    @Nurse_Nettie thanks for the comprehensive article! 


    As Nurse Netty mentioned, many things can delay this process or cause cumming not to happen with your partner.


    Totally a normal thing! I agree @kerrshay! Sometimes these things just take time and lots and lots of communication of course! Finding out what your partner likes is a great way to give them what they like – and make them cum!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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