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    I recently met someone who I was SO sure I would never be romantic with as they didn’t fit what  ‘my type’ was. It’s been such an amazing experience as I hung out with them purely as a friend and had none of the nerves that come with dating. I was completely myself from day one.

    Then suddenly I realised at it actually didn’t matter that this guy didn’t fit the mould of what my type was and he was an awesome person who I enjoyed spending time with. From then we’ve been really close and aren’t putting a label on anything, just enjoying each others company with the addition of a romantic element and it’s great! We are super clear on communication and making sure there are no expectations.

    Have you been surprised by someone who started as a friend or didn’t fit the mould you’d created your partner to look like? It’s so silly to put people in a box and judge them before you get to know them!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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