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    I recently met someone who I was SO sure I would never be romantic with as they didn’t fit what  ‘my type’ was. It’s been such an amazing experience as I hung out with them purely as a friend and had none of the nerves that come with dating. I was completely myself from day one.

    Then suddenly I realised at it actually didn’t matter that this guy didn’t fit the mould of what my type was and he was an awesome person who I enjoyed spending time with. From then we’ve been really close and aren’t putting a label on anything, just enjoying each others company with the addition of a romantic element and it’s great! We are super clear on communication and making sure there are no expectations.

    Have you been surprised by someone who started as a friend or didn’t fit the mould you’d created your partner to look like? It’s so silly to put people in a box and judge them before you get to know them!


    OMG @YogiGirl yes same!!! I’ve definitely had friends who turned into more than after a while!

    Did your ‘idea of your type’ change because you became interested in this guy or do you think you got closer just because of your time together?

    It’s really interesting how relationships can change like that. It’s always nice when it’s in a positive way too!


    Hey @tea, I think my stereotypical ‘type’ is still very different to who I’m with now. It’s funny as the closer I become with my partner, the more attractive he becomes to me. I guess that comes down to getting to know all the aspects of their personality as well as liking them on a physical level.
    It’s going so well!


    Oh that sounds so lovely @yogigirl! It makes me think of couples from “Too Hot To Handle” on Netflix, have you seen that?


    Yes @tea I totally know what you mean! What did you think of that show? I know people have different libidos but I found it hilarious that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other for even 24hrs.

    I know it’s a bit trashy but I got addicted!


    Yes!! I no longer am atttacted to your typical model type. Now I like curvy figures, big bums, looks don’t matter. I also like confident, outgoing , I Mean I literally have no interest in physical appearance. I need to connect on a deeper level. Also my wife is Muslim and my ex wife is black and I’ve never dated a white woman even though I’m a white man myself. I’m a man who values sex as a vital component in any relationship so the sooner you find each other’s likes and dislikes that’s another box ticked.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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