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    This week has felt overrun by heterosexual men offering to ‘eat ass’, presenting it as a skill in their repertoire. Have I been sleeping under a rock or is this suddenly cropping up everywhere, almost as a trend for heterosexual sex?
    Where do these trends start? Who decides them?


    @earthmama Are you being offered this personally or viewing it in other places? I’ve not come across anything of the sort yet but I can imagine it taking off super easily!

    Maybe social influences help these trends take off? The more exposure something gets the more likely it is to become a trend. Who knows!


    I see this on tinder all the time!

    I wonder if its people trying to express that their open about sexuality and performing sex acts (eating ass) that have been viewed as taboo in the past.


    My guess is that it’s a combination of showing that they’re into “taboo” or “different stuff” as @curiousss says, that they’re “generous” or a “giver” in the bedroom, as a way to introduce sex into the conversation, or an opportunity to talk about more kinky stuff. I actually kind of like it when people mention sex on their profile or discuss sex before we’ve even met, because I know to stay away haha. Saves a lot of time!


    It might also be because it’s in mainstream porn a lot more now.

    I remember the same thing happened with anal. Like it was once very taboo, secretive etc. and then it became more and more common in both porn, and in real life.

    It could also be because it’s ‘in’ right now? As odd as that sounds.


    @tea offered personally! But always online/over message…
    Agree with all! And am especially with you @Aunt_Flo about it being ‘in’ right now. That is my exact memory of anal. It felt like we woke up one day and suddenly it was on the table for everyone ALL THE TIME. It must come from porn, right?

    I would be so interested to know if this is the evolution sex has always taken throughout generations. It’s strange to think that if you spend a prolonged period of time in a monogamous relationship, or are out of the ‘sex with other people’ scene your sex could become ‘out-dated’ to to speak. Thoughts?


    Hmm interesting point @earthmama, I guess if you become so engrossed in one area of sex you kind of forget about everything else? Similar to if someone was ALWAYS having vanilla sex and then became exposed to something in the kink scene, they would be like WOAH OUTRAGEOUS, as opposed to someone from the kink scene.

    I don’t think anything really becomes ‘out-dated’ but the shift of what’s popular at the moment constantly changes.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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