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    I recently came across this article called Aussie ‘Eco-Sexuals’ Are Shunning Condoms To Save The Environment Amid STI Explosion which talks about the rising popularity of “ecosexuals” who are concerned with the environmental concerns of non-biogradable condoms and compares this trend to the rising numbers of people in Australian diagnoses with Sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

    For me I think it’s so important we do find solutions to reduce our plastic consumption however when it comes to anything for medical or for hygiene purposes I believe we should be using top grade equipment that are mostly single use items for our safety and to avoid infection from unsterile products.

    While there are other contraceptive options I also find it alarming promoting to move away from condoms because they are the only protective barriers we have to prevent BOTH unintended pregnancy and STIs!

    What are your thoughts?


    I feel like there are heaps of other ways to reduce plastic waste before thinking about eliminating the use of condoms! I get that they’re a non-reusable plastic, but that’s for a reason! It’s great to be ecologically minded, but not at the expense of something as important as health.

    Perhaps ones day there will be a condom that’s better for the environment (I know vegan ones already exist).


    Just an update to this. For those of you that are eco-conscious there is a more eco-friendly alternative to condoms here:

    It’s vegan meaning that none of the products in it are derived from animals and its made of latex which degrades faster than plastic. This would be much better than catching an STI I think!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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