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    Just came across this article about how YouTubers are changing the way we get our sex ed (Hoorah!).

    I thought it’d be great to compile a list of people’s favourite sex YouTubers.

    I’ll start! 

    I really like how down to earth Hannah Witton is (who’s mentioned in the article).

    Her Drunk Advice series reminds me of me and my friends after a vino or two!!



    I really want to start my own Sex-Posi-Educational YT actually but I’m just so busy 😆

    I really love Ash Hardell, they do a ton of educational videos and even brought out a book that you can download for FREE about the ABC’s of LGBT+! 

    They talk about a lot of trans issues, gender identity/expression and their own relationship too. Plus a ton of guest videos with other sex-posi YTers discussing things like anal toys and polyamory!


    I love Davey Wavey, I supposed he’s more of a gay culture YouTuber but he definitely has a lot of sex videos thats are quite educational for gay men. He’s also easy on the eyes so that helps haha


    @tea @MintMilano Thanks for the recommendations! There’s so much great content out there

    I just came across Madge the Vadge on Facebook – which is also quite interesting for vaginal health/issues, although some of it’s a bit focussedcssued…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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