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    My partner and I have been fighting a bit more than we would like to lately. Our conflict resolution has been…a bit of a flop, and we’re finding it hard to get past who’s ‘right’ in the scenario.  :s

    What do you guys do when you fight with a significant other, or even a friend? How do you communicate your point, and how do you stay calm during an argument?


    Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble resolving the conflict @Aunt_Flo 🙁 

    I wish I had some kind of advice to give, but I honestly don’t argue with my partner very much at all. He’s a very chilled out guy, so if anything sometimes we just have miscommunications that get frustrating, but we’re both very adverse to conflict so neither one of us really ever escalates it. 

    I did used to fight a lot with my ex, though. His adverse reaction would usually be to throw a bit of a tantrum and storm out of the room, and I would just let him stew in it until he calmed down and came back and was ready to talk more calmly. Which was okay but in the end I left him and he had to see a psychologist about his temper and emotional control issues so that’s not exactly a good advice story either  :/

    The only thing I guess I could say is do not try to have the conversation if either of you are angry or upset. Better to agree to put a pin in it (mutually agree, as opposed to someone storming off) and then take some time to think about it and regroup when you’re both level headed. It doesn’t even always have to end with someone being “right” – sometimes we just have to understand and respect someones opinion and agree to disagree, and then move on and not beat the dead horse. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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