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    I’ve recently been going through some dramas with my partner as we are breaking up but still living together. It can be really hard at times and I have sought help from friends, psychologists and doctors when needed… I wanted to share how impressed I am with the services I have received at no cost! 

    I had depression growing up so my first instinct was to seek help from my doctor and ask for a referral to see a bulk-billing psychologist. From this referral, you can have up to 10 sessions for free with a review after your 6th to obtain the extra 4. 

    At one point during a really rough time, I was in touch with the mental health care team at my local hospital. I spoke with a psychologist there in the early hour’s of the morning and for the next few weeks, someone called me every couple of days to touch base. I was feeling much better but it was very reassuring to know there is always someone there for you if you need to chat. 

    There is also a number to call which I was told about but haven’t sued where you can call and someone can come and sit with you at any time fo the day or night when you really aren’t coping. Oh, and they have an online chat for those who would prefer not to talk over the phone!

    Shout out to the NSW police who also reached out and made a couple of phone calls to check up on me. Gotta say, super impressed and grateful for the services out there right now!

    I can’t post links on here but have a google at the following services:

    • Lifeline Australia
    • Headspace
    • Operation life Online
    • Reach Out

    @HappyHooHah thank you for posting this! I’ve heard about these fantastic services but not a lot of people’s personal experiences using them. 


    @HappyHooHah @peachy I have to say I agree – the free services in Australia really are something else. I had a tough year last year losing my dad and grandad within a month, plus a messy breakup. The doctors referred me for free sessions and although I only went to a few, the fact that they were there (with only a few weeks wait time) was really amazing. 

    My therapy is the outdoors now – get outside in the sunshine and fresh air for a walk, run, kayak. There’s something about nature that’s very calming and helpful  🙂


    @HappyHooHah Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you have been going through a tough time, but it seems that you are managing it well and checking in where you need too – reaching out to others is the best thing to do!

    Isn’t it awesome that you can have access to a bulk billing psychologist for 10 sessions a year! I only got onto this about two years ago, and see a psychologist for at least 6 of the sessions per year – I might not be working through anything particular, but it is great to have the check in 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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