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    Gender, gender identity and the gender stereotype can all be different.

    Gender refers to our social and legal status, that is our sex, be that male/female, boy or girl. Gender identity however is how one feels about and expresses their gender, which can be different to their biological makeup.

    Gender stereotyping is the dominant or widely accepted view of gender, including gender roles, personality traits, behaviours, occupation and physical appearance.

    Gender stereotypes exists all around us, we see it on TV, in the workforce, in magazines and on social media. The views associated with gender stereotyping are also seen in the adult entertainment industry and porn.

    So what does it mean to you to be a man or a woman? Do you think we can we live in a world free from gender stereotyping? Or are gender stereotypes important?


    Hi @mak_trouble891
    There’s an entire spectrum of genders out there that aren’t just man or women. The gender binary is a super varied and sometimes people choose not to identify as a man or a women, instead they identify as – trans gender, gender queer, genderless and many others. 
    Sometimes peoples biological sex can also be intersex as well, not just male or female. 
    Gender stereotyping also has a broad binary to choose from, some people identify as masculine, androgynous or femme and all the wonderful things in between. A person who identifies as a women who dresses masculine is breaking the gender stereotype.

    What does it mean to me to be a man or a women? mmmm not a lot actually- i’m more of a gender neutral soul most days. 
    Do i think we can live in a world free from stereotyping and are they important? HELL YES we can, lets smash the binary!


    Great topic – one a lot of people struggle with, likely without knowing it! 


    Hey @pollypower, thanks for your comment. You have great insight on a topic that many people either know little about or choose to ignore. I love the idea of smashing the binary and breaking the gender stereotype.


    You are right there is waayy more beyond the binary.  I think it is best expressed through a continuum. To explain using the idea of temperature, you have hot and cold (masculine and feminine) at each end. 

                   Cold     <

    >   Hot

     Where other words used to describe temperature (gender identity) sit at different points or even totally off the continuum like; luke-warm, chilly, freezing, boiling. Gender identity terms can sit anywhere on or off a continuum. 

    There is no wrong way to express your gender identity, just be YOU


    @Caiti I love that reference, ‘there is no wrong way to express your gender identity’

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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